Monday, August 8, 2016

Championing for the small town....A home tour.

...We live in a truly beautiful small town
in some ways it is a nostalgic throw back of 60 years
to the days gone by
Black and white striped awning shops dot our ocean drive

Some of these shops have been open
and selling beachwear for over 60 years
... a long and beautiful time
in this era of Malls and Big Box stores...

This  eclectic town
with a neighborhood vibe
is also dusted with world class art museums and galleries
award winning restaurants
and fabulous hotels and Inns.
We are lucky. We know this

This type of small town, Like many, need champions
to keep it alive. 
They need the believers...who work to
keep it breathing and thriving...
yet maintaining it's simple and beautiful roots.

These small towns need people to shop in the quaint local shops
and eat in these amazing restaurants, and buy the stunning art.

Enter one  such champion in our small town....
Cindy O'Dare 
 Cindy has  been singing and dancing the praises of this little town for decades
she has saved several older cottages
breathing life and soul into them...
 Currently she loves and calls this classic, almost modest, Central Beach house home

The cement and stucco house....Is a classic to this area.
The property is hugged by the
century old and wise
Live Oak and  Banyan trees.
I love that in  this area these trees are protected as historical. They cannot be removed
nor should they.

It is pristine and happy house... with it's new metal roof
and fresh paint,,,,and blooming welcome pots.

Inside it smiles in 
color.....and art....and wild and wonderful wallpaper
this is not a shy wallflower donned in safe beige.
uh uh
Much like it's is infused with a vibrant and generous personality.
It sings happy.
Join me for a fun tour....

You are welcomed by a GIANT thought provoking
canvas by Cindy's late Brother in Law Theo Wujcik
actually... much of the prominent art pays homage to family and friends.
The Van Gogh table was done by her artist mother....paintings by her Artist father also don her walls.

This painting below is by NYC pop artist and friend James Rizzi

The kitchen is the color of sunshine
I love the vintage table cloth
and the vintage looking, but new, fridge...

AND... the ' can't help but make you smile' wallpaper...
on the other side of the kitchen.
The kitchen is always the hang out room...why not cozy it up?

C' are smiling, right?
Can't help but...

It's  curl up your legs, cozy...and nest-like. And all Cindy.
She almost exclusively shops at local consignment, thrift and boutique shops
girl after my own heart

Maybe my favorite part of her abode is the Orchid lined sunroom/porch
right off of the kitchen
It is a portal to her tropical backyard
 This still my heart

Just past this table is a carefully tended butterfly garden 
currently not in full bloom...but welcoming birds and butterflies all the same

...and past that... an abundant grassy and majestic oak
lined back yard

Back inside....the bedrooms and a hallway are infused,
each, with their own wallpapered personality
and they play together  albeit unorthodox....beautifully....who knew?
Cindy knew.

The bathroom is a beauty in marble subway tile and a basketweave floor that I loved...

This house...and each she has brought back and colored with her style
 is a jewel

clearly loved and cared for...
a sacred space.
It is also reflected in her care for her community...her small town.
that she champions and gives back to...
Thank you for championing....for giving back.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. 
                                                                          ~Joseph Campbell

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Listen up, my beautiful blog friends.....

There is a very strong need
in Greece for Lactation Consultants to work
with refugees, mainly Syrian... In refugee camps.
well....there is a need for ALL sorts of support.
but helping with lactation and birth is my skill set
This. I . Can. Do.

Mama's and babies continue to pour into Greece. Leaving everything they know
often EVERYONE they know,
to escape persecution and death.
It is in these emergent and disastrous situations 
where babies who are artificially fed...given formula...
have a 1300% increase of death from digestive disease
as compared to babies that are breastfed.

The conditions are dirty and unhygienic...disease flourishes in these conditions
clean water and equipment required for safe artificial feeding
is often difficult and impossible to find.
And so I will work with Nurture Project International
a US grassroots organization
devoted to safe infant feeding
As I head to Greece and these camps this September for a few weeks.

I would love it if you would consider joining me, In spirit, 
as you help me do this work.
I have started a youcaring fundraiser (just click on link). 
To help offset the cost of my travel and to buy items for these refugees.
I was hoping to photojournal and share my and others work
to give these mothers a voice

The sad reality is many of these families are fleeing war and terrorism. 
Many still have family in Syria. Many are running because they have become targets for terrorists.
there have been accounts of  photos being used against some families...
and also hunting family members down...or finding family members who are still in Syria.
So will be very discreet . But you can look for updates here
and perhaps on Instagram, and definately on my fundraising page.

Share and care.
thank you....

Monday, July 4, 2016

Who knew....

That a sweet little girl
by the name of
who can't see or hear
not that that EVER stopped her
could take such
In finding our most favorite things 
and annihilating them
:: My favorite boiled wool slippers::



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