Monday, March 5, 2012

Riddle me this….

So I come home with a chunk not a big chunk, but a chunk of some

bright, who turned up the lights! fabric.

I apparently am like a moth to light with these colors.


Maharajah meets the mod squad??


Pillows most likely

….any other fantabulous ideas?


I went on a search of the fabric…Kelly O’neill for Design Legacy

This looks like her booth at the market in Atlanta…


Anyone seen it?


An Urban Cottage said...

I would say a mahvelous kaftan but it looks like you only have a scrap. A mini kaftan.

Unknown said...

THAT is My most favorite place at market!!!!Crazy about the fabric and it is perfect for your house. Which room are you thinking? How many yards do you have? slipcover a stool , bench or small chair.

Unknown said...

Amazing that you figured out whose it was. Pillows would be great.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Haha, I like your description of it. Maharaja meets the Mod Squad, indeed!

Sydney Steenland said...

Nice! yep cushions or a little stool cover? I'm sure it would be great whatever you do with it.
Sar x

lorenabr said...

Wonderful pattern!The colors are great!

Jules said...

Enough for a scarf??
Wonderful colours.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hee...a scarf or kaftan. funny.! It is quite heavy!

Jane...I KNEW someone had seen it at market. YIPEE!

I have only a bit more than a no chairs. Maybe an ottoman...probably pillows.

rjerdee said...

This fabric is smashing! A big tote bag so you can show it off? I went to the Venice Art Classic last Sunday and saw some super-interesting handmade over-the-shoulder totes...

Cobalt Violet said...

LOVE it! Of course I love pink and orange and paisley reminds me of my mom's fun clothes when I was little. In a really good way. (My mom was gorgeous and super stylie!)

Shar said...

How about a table runner? Would be great to have a nice festive party with that as the table runner!

designchic said...

It's a fabulous print - can you use it on a stool - a real showstopper!!

Blue Muse said...

Hello sister-friend!
Definitely looks like her booth. BTW, She is having a little raffle- follow her on facebook and twitter and she'll put you in for a $500 gifty.
Love your fabric. That bright color scares me for my own house, but I do think it's gorgeous, and will love it from afar and vicariously through you! Lumbar pillows would be delicious.
xo isa

somepinkflowers said...

~~~Maharajah meets the mod squad~~~


you so NEED to go to Marrakesh!


{{ go
now }}

for sale said...

::Lime in the coconut::
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katiedid said...

Perfect for Spring! OK....I had not heard about this off to do a little sleuthing. Pillows are allways good! ;)

katiedid said...

Perfect for Spring pillows! Off to do a little sleuthing about this person I have not heard about. Thanks for the intro!

Renée Finberg said...

what is this?
we seem to love the same color combos.
this fabric is fabulous!!

do something where you can see the entire repeat of this fabric.
i can't wait to see what you do!

maybe a small ottoman/stool/footstool?


Anne said...

Beautiful!! You have a lovely blog; I'm a new follower ~ ♥

Anne said...

Beautiful!! You have a lovely blog; I'm a new follower ~ ♥

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Ivy Lane said...

how's about some lonnnggg lumbar pillows?

Karen Deborah said...

GAH!!! You got any chairs? It's GORGEOUS!!!!!

mom23 said...

a big long bolster for the couch - or 2 smaller bolsters for chairs. love!

sealaura said...

LOVE that fabric. So pretty. I really like the color combo. I would love it as a scarf.

Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

How about relining a coat? Especially one that you tend to wear open...could make an old trench look mighty special. Cheers!


What about au headband and a purse? My Mom always made those for me with leftover fabric so I could "really have the look"....!?!?


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