Saturday, December 28, 2013

And onto another year….


The stockings were duly looted…


New little friends were welcomed…


All in all it was lovely.

Now I need to get used to a new computer and relearn Windows…8

anyone love it??


Stephanie said...

Merriest of New Year wishes to you and yours and that beautiful big black pup!!!

no Windows 8...I succumbed to a MAC last year...still learning


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

It would take me a YEAR to get on board with a mac!!

An Urban Cottage said...

That little dog is the cutest thing ever.

I switched to Mac too.

VirginiaC said...

Bo has a new friend...I anticipate lots of stories of this new friendship for the new year.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Bo had a little visitor friend...My oldests new little Aussie Cattle dog. The two are pretty darn cute together!!

Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

About the time I was beginning to "learn" Windows (5?) we switched to MAC. I've learned enough to get by, and wonder what I'm missing with limited literacy.

Happy New-Cheers!

Cobalt Violet said...

Good luck with the new computer!
Hope you had a fabulous Christmas.
The cake looked amazing!

Happy New Year Linda!

tammy j said...

I literally HATE windows 8.
I have given it every chance in the book to redeem itself. LOL.
still hate.
but you are a wizard. you will overcome.
and the dog pictures . . .
they just made my day.
always do.

sealaura said...

Happy New Year Linda! Love the new little addition.

I am a Mac user, more intuitive for me than Windows but good luck!

Shar said...

I am getting a MAC. Everyone hates windows 8.

Shar said...

And the new puppy is precious!

Unknown said...

Happy new year to you. ..and I am going to apple school because with my Mac it takes me 3 hours to do blog post..nuts,,, I am an hp girl from 1998. But now I am in the world of possibilities ... I guess. First class is the 7th of jan ..
Love your animal family photos they are so cute together

Ivy Lane said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Linda!

Cheers! Clink, Clink..



Fröken L said...

Hope you all had a loveley New Years eve.


Fröken L said...

Hope hou all had a lovely New Years eve and good luck with the computer.


somepinkflowers said...

{{ oh oh !!
that wee pup face !!


...let me know how 8 goes,
i need to update myself
am not home long enough
to learn
a New Computer ... }}


Unknown said...

I heard it was a nightmare.. going to apple school on try and learn the Mac far I am NOT impressed with it.Happy New Year to you and your family the 2 and four legged kind!!!

Anonymous said...

What cute dog pictures! :)

I didn't like Windows 8 *at all*! It was pretty to look at, but confusing for me, and I'm usually pretty good at computers. I'm now using a computer that used to have Windows 7 on it with a Linux operating system on it now. I love it! Sure, it's different, but waaaay better than Windows 8 in my opinion. If you're not tech savvy, maybe there's a way you can downgrade to Windows 7? I've heard some versions of 8 can do that.

Looks like from your other posts that your new year is going great so far. :D



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