Sunday, August 24, 2014

A room re-do. Oy.

Casa Coconut had somewhat of a mass exodus last weekend as
two of the kiddos packed up their goods
and headed out to college.
Another has graduated and is living across the state. We have one left with us. And a dog. A big dog.
The dog and I were kinda sad.
Best  way to combat empty{ish} nest sadness…. A project!
This bedroom has been lived in by two of the boys at different times.
It was a big project when we painted the walls in ochre tones of limegreen to ocean blue
so big that they never even were re-painted when Kid #2 took over.
…and I found all sorts of *interesting* things along the way as I cleaned
and prepared for *the project*. First car keys, Highschool freshman ID cards
::weep it all goes by so fast::
A sweet self- portrait. The grin….oh my this DOES look like him.
Ok….SO I put away the Kleenex and put my worker hat on
The plan was to lighten….keep it as a room….
and maybe use it as an office while kids are gone.
The abacus was a tribute to our math genius.
and also….because he left it behind.
The Library table was one I bought for my parents…and my Dad re-finished
and has since been used in the room as a very sturdy desk.
The plantation blinds are up temporarily as I get a molding to fit them.
And Look….A bed. See. still a room
and….I left it all rumply like that on purpose  :cough:  so my guys would feel at home  :cough:
I did.
And the YO became a big OY.
‘cause, well, that was just appropriate.
Toy soldiers. Baseball cards. swim suits.   Kleenex please.
There ya have it….a shop the house….use what you have….cry while you paint


inspiredyetagain said...

You're making me want to cry. My boys are still just 9 & 13, but I know this day will be coming my way before long. Nice job on the room, and I'm totally diggin' the OY!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Oy....don't cry. Enjoy the time now...and embrace the future. And have paint ready.

for the love of a house said...

Love the Yo to Oy! Smart to do a project ;) Hope you stocked up on tissues;)

anita said...

oh H3ll yeah, it looks great!

designchic said...

I so vividly remember that day, but it's such an exciting time in their lives that it makes it a little easier - over time…And you get to do projects - looking good!!

rjerdee said...

Sniff. I remember the newly-emptied-nest days. But now that the grandsons come back, it all gets so much better.

Renae Moore said...

Oh Miss has been too long. I really haven't fallen off.....I think I still have a blog!

Sweet thoughts and I so understand your sad heart. But they will come home and you'll be ready for them to leave to get your house back! Ha!

Love the 'OY'!!


Ry @ Sotto Il Monte Vineyards said...

Congrats for getting the kiddos off to college:). It might feel like you are missing a limb or two for about six months! Also, the silence is deafening ! After that, it starts to feel pretty darn good. Love the room redo - nice and fresh with just the right pop of color!

cindy hattersley design said...

I so remember that feeling. My babies are now 31 and 34. How didvi get that old? That is a wonderful abacus and thankfullybyou still have that handsome fellow on the bed!!


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