Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A house....

 ...that does not have one worn, comfy
chair in it is soulless.

Mary Sarton 
A quote found on: Catherine's blog
Coffee mug:  made by daughter...with love.
Chair: recovered with an old Swiss army blanket and scrap material....Moi.
Wool Blanket: Ireland. oh how I love that place
Ottoman: From the 1960's....had it all of my life!
 Opened Book: New fave by Anna Spiro:

....and a rainy day.


Silvia said...

so lucky!! and I have to go to work. Enjoy your day :)

donna baker said...

Oh that seating arrangement is gorgeous.

Nicki said...

If that's not perfection, I don't know what is ;)! Love that quote too-how about a worn sofa? Must mean my house has extra soul-haha. Have a good week!

tammy j said...

and you've been missed.
the only thing better in the picture would be the gentle giant you rescued.

Ivy Lane said...

Ahhhhh....so cozy! It is nice to see Anna has a new book! Yay!... Wind is howling here and rain is pounding... unfortunately..... I have to head out to meet a client soon...

Happy Thursday!


cindy hattersley design said...

Pure heaven!!

JANET said...

Amen Sista....I see pics on different sites of "perfect houses" (everything new)not homes...and I am so grateful that I have hand me downs from family that have passed on..to me, that is what makes a Home..It's not perfect but it's home to me..


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