Sunday, October 28, 2012

The story of a CHEAPO re-do…

Enter Kid #4’s room
and a funky gold loveseat that opens up to a twin bed. 60’s no doubt.
Sorry for not giving you a better picture…but you are not missing much!
Didn’t want to reupholster or use so much fabric to slipcover
What to do?….Paint!
Yep…kidlet even did it. And we just used exterior paint
cause we had it. And added some fabric medium...
One coat later. Scary.
We did spray the fabric down with water…and use some fine sandpaper between dry coats
Three coats later…decided to make the pillow seat out of some cotton duck that I had laying around  This is it waiting for the pillow cover…
Ta da….Cost: Nutin.
Had the paint…had the fabric
It is not crunchy….feels more like a heavy canvas.
Perfectly do-able.
if you don’t want to pay a penny.
Mr. Stag is ok with it.
And THAT is all that matters in this casa.
well, and kid # 4


Anonymous said...

Love it! Did the same with 6 dining rm chairs. Was selling my house before moving back to VB and couldn't justify a re-up job on chairs not moving with me. Mixed burnt umber acrylic paint with fabric medium and used a sponge brush. Turned out great and was a cheaper fix than re-uping them. Looked a bit like leather. Sold my house too!


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

YES....Thank you for reminding me...we mixed the paint with fabric medium! Yay for selling your house. Chairs did it for ya eh?

rjerdee said...

This is AWESOME, Linda!!!!

A Perfect Gray said...


Kathi said...

You PAINTED a vinyl sofa?!!! It looks fantastic! :D

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

No...Kathi...It was a cotton/wool sofa that we painted. Feel like a heavy cotton duck fabric. Really.

Debby said...

That is amazing. I can't believe how good it look.

VirginiaC said...

Are you serious??? That looks fantastic! I still can't believe how good it looks...
Now I've got another project on my list...thanks Linda!! (said with a roll of the eyes and a hint of sarcasm)...more projects are all that I need right now.
Hope mine looks as good as yours when I'm finished...really....thanks for the great idea.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said... looks way worse before it gets better. I figured if it was terrible, I would just reupholster the whole sucker!

Give it a go!

Renae Moore said... fantastic! What is fabric medium and what were your ratio's? :) I have a chair and ottoman I wanted to reup for my son, will try this first!
(Also, is the cushion part of what you painted, by the picture the color is a wee bit different)

Just got caught up on your previous posts, that Quinoa recipe looks great, will have to try!

Hope you guys are free from the storm.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ok Renee...I made the cushion with old fabric...Good eye. figured we could launder it when the big black dog finds it. Got my fabric medium at Michaels...ask them to point you to it...'cause it was in the oil paint aisle.

1/2 fabric medium 1/2 paint for first go around. Spray the fabric liberally with water before you start. Next coat is 1/4 medium and 3/4 paint...then just a few tablespoons of medium to a bowl of paint. BUT...There were some parts (skirt) that we JUST did with!
latex exterior paint....and there is barely a difference. So pick your poison!

Storm is gone, ocean calm, sun now shining....hoping everyone else feels this soon, too!

Linda said...

Hey Linda...
What a great re-do...
I did not know you could do that with a couch...
You sure are smart...and crafty...

Linda :o)

cindy said...

Wow...I am completely utterly impressed...I may have to try this one...looks fabulous!!

Sandra said...

Looks great! Now, I have an affinity of photographs of horses (such beautiful creatures) so I have to ask your source for the art above the sofa. It's gorgeous!

~ Sandra :-)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hi Sandra...I have that same affinity :)

I downloaded the Picture from the pioneer woman website (with her blessings) and changed it to a black and white (with a touch of sepia) and had it printed onto photopaper LARGE. Framed it myself with metal and used plastic instead of glass (due to the size)

Easy Peasy.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I thought after "big butt" I could not be impressed, while this is no BB, it's amazing. Never would have thought of that!

Life Tastes Good said...

WHAT??? That is freaking fabulous! Great job girls and thanks for sharing the super re-do!

Anonymous said...

A friend gave me a fold out sofa with wine stains she couldn't get out. I was going to recover. That takes time and money and I am short on both. I am so grateful to have found an option. You did a great job. It looks so good. Bless you for the documentation, and the follow up comments so I know where to get the materials. Ann

angela | the painted house said...

Yes! Free and looks good AND not crunchy? What's not to love?!

20 North Ora said...

Great job. Love the pillow as an accent on the white couch.


fireplace surround said...

Lovely fabric used for pillow cover. I was looking for a good inspiration for the same. thanks Linda. xo
~ Herman Swan

sealaura said...

wow that is impressive. our white sofa is about to die, since the vanilla wafers make it their fort everyday. I'm wondering if I could squeeze more life out of it?!!

Carla Aston | said...

Interesting and smart! I never thought of this... and it is still comfy because you re-covered your seat cushions/back. And I'm in love with Mr. Stag!! Did you buy him or make him yourself?

Cobalt Violet said...

Wow! that's awesome! Never heard of such a thing!
I looks great Linda!

The Visual Vamp said...

amazing! xo xo

Taylor Greenwalt said...

OM..gosh....what a great idea. Would you try it on a family room sofa?

Stephanie said...

Fab! We were going to paint an old leatherette couch for the pop up

no time

but something fun to try on those gloomy winter days.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Yeah...I would do it on a FR sofa...I understand that if you do it on a finer a fine cotton duck or a chintz it feels more like leather...

Lisa Porter said...

Really? REALLY? Good God woman you are a master at - at everything! A good teacher too I see. Wonder if Renae's tried it yet? Am writing down your ratios.
Your end result & photo looks like a magazine shoot! Love the saddle too as that's our style around here. MR's grandfather was a prominent western saddle maker.
Great fun all around your house all the time!


You are incredible.


You are incredible.


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