Sunday, January 27, 2013

It is no secret that I love….

Spanish colonial rambling white ranches

the more corners and turns the better…


Old tile roofs



bougainvillea spilling



courtyards and fountains





So…I was a little surprised to find that when I took a

“what architectural style are YOU” quiz….

That indeed I was a…

You're a lively Spanish Colonial!

Like a Spanish Colonial home, you are warm with an eye toward the romance of living. While you are traditional and can be a little introverted, you are also enlivened with impulsive flairs of color that amuse and energize your friends and family. Spanish Colonial homes take a simple construction style and add artistic details like painted tiles, iron fixtures, and huge carved doors denoting, like you, a love of art and individuality. Your combination of down-to-earth fun and elegance puts everyone at ease.

Go figure.

I guess I am right where I am supposed to be

right now.

Now YOU go and take the quiz….here

dare ya.


ART aka Anna-Ruth Taynton said...

I am a Greek Revival :)

Ivy Lane said...

I am a highbrow Greek Revival.. kinda freaks me out as I thought FOR SURE I would be Mid Century Modern... fun quiz Linda! Now, I must go study Greek Revival a bit more!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Ahhh. Two Greek revivals...Highbrow indeed!

anita said...

right on!!!

i'm an
You're edgy and Contemporary!Minimal, uncluttered, and thoughtful, you enjoy reflecting on life -- when you take a break from catching the latest vlogs. Quiet spaces are important to you, as are the foods you eat, and the thoughts you send out into the world. Details matter. Like Contemporary architecture, you defy tradition to redefine comfort, and people trust you because of this quiet confidence

this is me!!!

VirginiaC said...

Well, what do you know?
I'm a lively Spanish Colonial.
Who comes up with a quiz like this anyway? It's bang on though, because I do love a lot of Spanish and Mediterranean structures and decor.

vicki archer said...

I dare not take it ... I might be a big muddle...seeing that I love so many different styles...:)
HAve a fabulous week, Linda... xv

Spring time in Georgia! said...

Loving the Spanish villa style home. We just got back from my mom's villa in Ecuador and I was shocked at how mig the bouganvillia plant grew...makes the white of the exterior that much more beautiful.

Stephanie at The Enchanted Fig Tree on ETSY

rjerdee said...

I would never have guessed that I'd be a Spanish Colonial. I thought I was Mid-Century Modern, Minimal or Contemporary.

Interior Glass Doors said...

Looks similar to Latin American colonial houses. Looking forward to visit there. Thanks for such photogenic photos.

cotedetexas said...

i love ALL these houses! i love that style of house, esp. the ones in florida and california.

laughing at your comment - why would you ever move - your house is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!


R's Rue said...

Love these beautiful photos!

Unknown said...

The architectural style of Spanish villa is simply fabulous and your photos are very well taken .

Carla Aston said...

Oh, I love a Spanish Colonial too. Those courtyards and the bougainvilla...gorgeous.

Unknown said...

This is my favorite style of house too! I love the tile roof, and the white stucco walls. Great minds, think alike :) Love this post. -Al

Anonymous said...

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mikky said...

I want to be your house cause I love Spanish style homes. I was a boring one, eek I hope not!
I need to redo it, some of the questions I didn't like any of the answers.


Kris Robitzsch said...

That is so classic. I love it!

Anonymous said...

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Slim Paley said...

I'm with Vicki Archer -I daren't take it as I'm so Ambi-Architectural. I love too many different styles.

PS. The Ojai Inn is in my neck of the woods. Best hamburgers EVER.


Unknown said...

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Jane said...

Knock me over...I am a lively Spanish colonial! Well...that makes sense. I love all the colors and warmth...and I even have a Spanish background. And there was this beautiful Spanish colonial on the beach in Vero that I really wanted to buy...several years ago.

faye said...

i love tiled roofs!!<3

MB said...

I'm knee deep in February on this side of the pond. Looking at your pictures made me happy and homesick all at the same time! We'll be back on the peninsula in April and I can't wait! Have a happy week:)

Cobalt Violet said...

Me too! Lively Spanish Colonial. I'm not surprised. Growing up in California there are so many old Spanish Style buildings and I've said for years if I buy a place ... I want an old Spanish Style house!

LOVE the images!

Cobalt Violet said...

p.s. I often go have a glass of wine at the Ojai Valley Inn
... the home of your first photo of the spa. So lovely over there. :)

Anonymous said...

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Renae Moore said...

Edgy and contemporary...hmmm. Maybe sometimes!

Anonymous said...

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Lisa Porter said...

Oh no! I'm a highbrow Greek Revival. Ugggh. I'd rather move in with you! I need those soft white walls and outdoor patios like NOW!

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Francine Gardner said...

These are amazing! i must have some spanish blood in me...after all my home town is 2 hours away from the spanish border


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