Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kayaking the great Lagoon…

Our beautiful corner of the earth is a paradise…
But even more so  for kayaking.
The river is so shallow that motorized boats cannot use it.
Which leaves it a quiet peaceful place to listen to the sounds of nature…
It is full of mangroves and spoil islands to explore.
And explore we did  this Mid-January… 80 degree weather.
Sorry Northerners…buts I gots to tell it like it is, no?
We were watched by pelicans and egrets and cranes as we paddled around
the islands.
One of the islands is a Pelican refuge. Home to hundreds of pelicans and their nests.
We enjoyed the company of several dolphins
that seemed to follow us for awhile…
We wandered across the channel to our own little private island
Maybe YOU want to come explore our corner of the world.
You won’t need your mittens.


Ivy Lane said...

Sounds awesome...looks even better! We will be needing our mittens again for sure tomorrow! Happy Sunday!

anita said...

Love!! love quiet mangroves and backwaters. perfect outing for a gorgeous January day in florida, like today!

VirginiaC said...

Oh how I wish I could enjoy that serenity and wildlife outdoors with you. It really seems like paradise found.
I have always been meaning to try kayaking here, but haven't gotten around to it as yet......maybe have inspired me.

Anonymous said...

I could not resist commenting. Perfectly written!
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Vix said...

I love you for sharing this, I hate you for sharing this, I love you for sharing this....

Looks like an amazing day! Hope I get to follow in your stream someday.

Renae Moore said...

You DO live in Paradise. Gorgeous and I would be there in a flash if I could!

Sue said...

Love that the dolphins followed you. I feel better now that I looked at this.


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