Thursday, June 20, 2013

So maybe…

Or maybe not.
We are leaving for Europe in a few weeks.
Not the Europe you often think of…or I often think of
but a more “Baltic” form.
Actually we will be visiting three different countries
and would LOVE to know how best to really see them.
Inhale them.
Wanna play?
Wanna guess?
And if you can guess….wanna give some insider tips?
Purty please? Cherry on top.
cherry on top


donna baker said...

Have never been to the Baltics, but I hear Croatia is neat. I always wanted to go to Budapest, but the Dalmation coast is supposed to be beautiful. Can't wait to see pics.

Rick Forrestal said...

The Baltic countries are pure discovery, so beautiful.
Don't forget to visit the outdoor markets and eat where the "locals" eat. Can't wait to see your pics.
Have fun.

rjerdee said...

travel envy here! I have no Baltic experience.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Donna...Budapest is on my "wanna" list too! I think I will be spending a day with a photo journalist too capture his birds eye view!

Rick....outdoor FAVE!

Deborah said...

While everyone else was busy ooohing and awwwwweing over the photos and dreaming of travels, I licked up all the whipped cream. Sorry. That's just how I roll.

Happy travels!

Deb ♥♥♥

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Deb! <3 ya, Woman!

Charulie said...

Baltic? Latvia? Lithuania?

Charulie said...

I lived in Lübeck, Germany for about a year...very close to the Baltic Sea. It was SO cold in the winter. If you get a chance to go to this area, the old part of Lübeck is fascinating. It's an island full of so much charm and history. I ate in a restaurant that goes back to 1535!

I hope you have a great time.

My Castle in Spain said...

A Baltic trip sounds wonderful...Enjoy it all !! xo

Life Tastes Good said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! Have a great time :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Charulie!! Yes. Lithuania and Latvia!(also a quick stint in Germany) Good guess!! Lubeck sounds wonderful! 1535! Wow!

for the love of a house said...

Sounds wonderful Linda! It's probably a funny thing, but I always love to go into the local grocery shops when we travel- both here and abroad! I think seeing and walking the aisles gives a true sense of a place!
Have a wonderful time! xxoj.


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