Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Key Lime and coconut flesh room….

Ok, Ok….perhaps a stretch.
It is just that a key lime has a beautiful subtle yellow/green/ochre color
and the flesh of a coconut…One of natures true whites.
And when I saw this loft room. I thought of them. those.
But could you just curl up in this room?
Languidly stretch out on this window seat…and while away your time with a good classic book?
untitled (3)
Oh. I so could.
untitled (4)
Designer and blog friend Lauren Leiss
did up her home sooooo right.
Just real and honest.Liess Home
Find more of her gorgeous abode in the new issue of Domino Magazine.
Find a key lime and coconut pie
…on my kitchen counter.
Oh….and sadly, well not sadly for her…happily for her
Spotted and dotted beauty has found a home with another family.
But your names were oh so fun!


Mrs. Limestone said...

Such a great space!

I usually hate ceiling fans but this one looks just right.

JP said...

I am glad the dotted puppydog found a home. I so was hoping it would be with your family so we could get to know her. I loved that sweet, sad face from the moment I saw it and wished I lived in your area so I could adopt her if you didn't. I hope she has a wonderful family who loves her to death.

anita said...

heck to the yeah I could get cozy here! this room is perfectly relaxed!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Awww, JP...Isnt it amazing how one can fall in love with a picture . She NEEDS love, poor little dotty!

rjerdee said...

So Dotty would have been a bit much to add to the doggie life at home?

VirginiaC said...

So happy to hear that spotted and dotted has found a new home....I was hoping it would have been your home, but I'm sure she'll be loved the same way.
You can give us an update every so often on how she's settling in.

Unknown said...

You are right on it!!!I love the room!!!

cindy hattersley design said...

I agree Linda...Lauren's home and style is lived in and approachable yet designed to the nines! A glorius combination. I have enjoyed seeing her talent evolve.

Ginny Piech Street said...

Great room. & I love the movie that's on! One of Sterling Hayden's great roles. That and his role as sailor.


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