Monday, March 24, 2014

Blast from the past….good food.

When I was in college…there was a cookbook I brought with me.
It was written by hand.
Who does that?
Moosewood Cookbook did. That is who.
They were a once teensy little vegetarian restaurant in Ithaca NY.
and I LOVED their recipes.
So….I brought it to school. And my roommates and friends and I used it.
I remember an old boyfriend impressing me with the cream of asparagus soup from the book…made in his ramshackle beer can infested kitchen he shared with 4 other guys.
only…he forgot to add the asparagus.
After countless moves, countless kids. well four.
I invariably lost the favorite dog eared book.
But…continued to make many of the recipes…changed, altered glorified or not
On a whim…I recently bought a used Moosewood cookbook on Amazon. Pennies on the dollar, people
And looking at the hand written recipes just shot me right back to old college apartments in old houses…The smell of stale beer…and Ratatouille.
And while I make it differently….I opened the page and chopped and sautéed and stewed away.
The smell of fresh veggies and herbs stewing….Heaven.
Try it….You’ll like it.
ask Mikey.
find it here too.
And while the old ratatouille recipe is not on here too old school? you will find some newer fresher fab recipes on their Moosewood site
Go…find ye a cheap beer…preferably in a can…cause you can crush it on your forehead maybe did anyone ever do that? naaww.
And cook.


An Urban Cottage said...

I still have my original one. The front cover broke off but the Hungarian Mushroom Soup still tastes as great as it did back in the day. My famous Tabouli is also based on the Moosewood version.

Did you ever eat there? I visited ca. 1982. Maybe we were there at the same time?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Yes Steve...I ate there a couple of times...from probably around 79 to 83. Maybe we passed each other! Love Ithaca! And the white bean and black olive soup....

rjerdee said...

No, we used the beer cans to curl our long locks...

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Empty...I am assuming, right Becky??

VirginiaC said...

Thank you for posting the Moosewood Website (what a name)....I copied a few recipes to try later.
Back in college I don't remember preparing such exotic meals, but I do remember the smell of stale beer in my boyfriend's

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

This looks amazing! I may need to try this one.


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