Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Black Jack~ A home tour

…In this land of coconuts
There is a home…a beach house,
Maybe 100 steps from the ocean
Built when folks came in droves to our little town in the 1960’s
And built concrete homes with cooling terrazzo floors
And ceiling fans that groaned as they spun. Providing needed movement in the air.
Now….so so many of those small steadfast concrete soldiers, marking a generation, are torn down
and replaced with bigger, shinier. Not always better.
But not Black Jack.
He remains true to his roots. Unchanged. Except for his Rad new color.
It is slimming you know.
ok ok…Maybe I named him that. Remember the gum of the 60’s?
They call it their funky Beach Shack.
Even the coolio carport is calmly bracing bougainvillea  and Mandevilla vines that complacently poke their heads through.
Flirting with the black.
The surrounding bananas and coconuts naturally drove the colors of the door and chairs…
And it SINGS,
Tropically confident…
My favorite thing about wandering around houses
and yes I make a habit of it. I have a feeling YOU may to.
Is sensing the soul of the home. The living work that goes on between the walls.
And Black Jack spills it in spades.
A home of music and art  and collections and beach finds through the years…
And the legacy continues….this jar below is filled with every treasure that one little chubby fingered grandchild handed to his Grandma.  In his whole 4 years.
Art….a collaboration of grandma and grandson adorns the hearth…
Black Jack…in all his cool black colors grows love and history. 
There is a music room/recording practice studio
and 4 bedrooms..
Original Dade county pine beamed ceilings…
An armoire filled with music cd’s. lipping full. No TV.
Louvered room doors share the air between spaces.
One whole wall houses a salt water aquarium…full of splendid colorful fish.
Most rescued from near death. A brilliant story.
they swim swim swim with the vibration of the whole house.
Everyone needs a little
blood pressure lowering community like this.
…and the living coral, gently moving. an underwater metronome.
The giving house.
Karen found the colors of the house in an old treasure….and so it flows…
A smallish Key West sized pool is planned for the back yard
Karen and one of her three daughters throw pots and make beautiful
succulent wall frames…and carefully create works…injected with beach soul
They have an etsy store herecheck it out!
…and are working on another. i'll fill you in as it emerges. I know I will be ordering a succulent wall frame!
~~Jade has offered a generous 20% discount for her etsy store above
just mention LIMELOVE  ~~
Black Jack…. A cool cat of a home.


Life Tastes Good said...

Wow! Love it! And the black exterior is stunning! Thank you for that beautiful tour, Linda! Gorgeous pics and fun writing as always! <3

VirginiaC said...

Another lovely house tour....Black Jack is a stunner....thanks for giving us a peep into its beauty.

tammy j said...

you've done it again!
i can't keep saying...
oh! now. this is my favorite one!
or well. maybe they can ALL be favorites.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I didn't do it....this is a funky well loved sand on the floor beach home. My camera doesn't even come close to touching the soul of it. It thanks you for the love!

rjerdee said...

Yowzer, that was a COOLIO house tour! Grazie!

cotedetexas said...

wow. hard to say what i loved most. maybe the tile on the fireplace? such a cool house. loved it all!!

cindy hattersley design said...

I could move right in!

anita said...

Wow..you had me at flirting flowers!

hello, its been awhile linda!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful home! I love the black, very chic. Love those vintage looking curtains spotted in the background.

Unknown said...

Really adorable post. I love each pictures which shows unique designs and it is good to have these type of decorations for the home.


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