Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wing back chair…undone and redone. Cowboy style.

And… offishully DUN.
THIS was a wacky re-do. When you find a chair with good bones, and history….
well. You embarrass the Hell out of it
like any good parent
And call it a re-do.
and leave her looking like a shabby slipcover. And pretend that WAS the point all along.
It started out fairly innocently. $30 clam chair at the Habitat restore. Lee industries
Did’ja know that at Lee, each worker signs their name on the finished product?
Pride in workmanship.
Also….Helps in cussing them out by name.
BUTCH…I am talking to you, man.
I mean great hand tied springs…Down cushion…
But…Butch…Ya went  all wacky with the staple gun….which made it particularly hard to remove the half a trillion staples. And metal stuff I am sure there is a better name That I had plans to re-use.
Butch and his tribe were called a few choice words.
Gotta blame someone….and, hey, they put their names out there.
My re-use plans did not work so well
{^ not so straight.}
So... I had to make my own out of cardboard in our recycling bin.
don’t laugh.
Guarantee ya….Butch never did THIS.
Ok…granted, It didn’t help that my tools included hemostats, salad servers and a regular staple remover
Cowboy reupholstering.
I did have a couple of other well worn and loved tools
…and 37 cents. Don’t ask. I have no clue.
But i had help….Mega Help
86 year old Grandma B at the helm….sharpening the scissors. old school style.
These are the hands that taught me how to sew…helped me reupholster and slipcover
and screw oh so many things up through the years.
Everyone needs a partner in crime like Grandma B.  Just the best   :)
although I think I caught her roll her eyes at the fabric choice.
I used the Serena and Lily five buck fabric…
and then an old swiss army blanket I had hanging around up to no good
I had fun slapping the tag back on…I dunno…
maybe it involved a tad of spite.
Cuz….she weren’t lookin so pretty.
But a full day and a half    BUTCH!    later….I called it a day.
And added our names to Cindy,Ramona,eblluh,Stan, Butch and Inspector EJ.
Ha….Take THAT!
Maybe the best part….
HE doesn’t fit on it.
Love him to pieces, but….we have to have ONE thing without black dog hair on it…


Rick Forrestal said...

Yippe-ki-yay . . . now that's a cowboy chair!

Great find. Great rehab story. Love the signatures.
Love the final design.

Good pictorial story.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Aww. Thanks Rick. Join us for beans out by the campfire! Yippe-ki-yay!

Ry @ Sotto Il Monte Vineyards said...

Brilliant! Ralph Lauren would take that chair and sell it for mega bucks. Think you are on to something:)

VirginiaC said...

Red Rover, Red Rover send Grandma B right her.

rjerdee said...

A mighty-fine job there, li'l cowgirl! I'm particularly fired up about the Swiss army blanket :)
And thanks for asking, I'm just fine was a crappy summer full of doctors and oral surgeons but nothing terminal :) Just a lot of bad things happening all in a couple months. Glad to be back in Florida where the sun shines and there's no slipping on ice!!!

Unknown said...

That is beautiful …...

Leslie Harris said...

This chair looks fabulous! Grandma looks so cute. And we have a black and brown German Shepherd so I totally get the comment about the black hair. Ah, the things we put up with for our fur babies :)

cindy hattersley design said... sure there wasn't a mate to that chair? I might be willing to drive to florida to purchase a chair Beau couldn't fit in. Wait what am I talking about he parks himself in the cat bad...Love the addition of the swiss army blanket...well I just LOVE the whole thing! Good work! Is Grandma B up for a trip to Ca?

Cobalt Violet said...

Yay! Came out great!


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