Friday, May 22, 2015

Design Project: Bringing it In…

How fun to be invited by designers Cindy and Maryann  to take part with other bloggers in a Project Design
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The object: To inexpensively refresh your living room.
Ok….here are a couple that I do pretty regularly
… involving  bringing the outside in.
I am often in the jungle garden with a machete in hand…by necessity
But dayum the cuttings…the strays…are often gorgeous! Not all. But many.
I don’t want to just compost their green and trying so hard…and maybe choking out the other plants souls.
so years ago,  have taken to having a big Talavera jar in the courtyard that happily holds  the cuttings savings…strays of the day or week…or month.
Happy. but more importantly it is a holding area of ever changing greenery I can bring into the casa.
It beats buying house plants that inevitably bite the dust. saving, re-using.
These guys can be happy for weeks in fresh water. Dare say months.
ok…agreed I can get carried away…and it can sometimes look like a bohemian florist warehouse.
A different leaf shape can create a whole new feel in your room.
And I am NOT shy….I manhandle tall limbs and fronds into tiny pots.
everyone lives. everyone happy. keep moving, folks.
I am not beneath bringing in actual pots from outside…moss draped and earthy…they have their own feel.
inevitably…they, too, get filled with the cuttings and seeds
Another freebee with character are collections from nature or gifts from the sea…Rocks, twigs, hornets nests…whatever floats your boat. Amazing how it can serenade the seasons…or remind you of where YOU live.
I am always just plopping these gifts down on a coffee table…
and rearranging again and again. Calorie-free and FREE.
Best game ever.
sometimes the green foliage pulls out a color I had never noticed in the room
…often it is a replica to a color in the house
dog wags tail…tail wags dog?
Another easy fun for the kids one…bamboo grows in our yard out front you may have tree branches…
and it BEGS to be painted once it is cut and dried.
Didn’t know that it begged like that, did’ja?
House paint… acrylics…It’s not fussy.
Never needs to be perfect. Like everything in this house…it just needs to try.
See that piece of wood co-mingling with the flamboyant Liberace  bamboo?It was found a decade ago by my youngest…she would wear it on her shoulder and pretend it was her pet snake.
Hard to let go of THAT kinda friend. So…he joins the happy stray family.
Painted bamboo can move throughout the house and room at whim…perhaps it even does while we are sleeping.
But by far….the most cherished outside in…and inside out stray…
happens to like cookies…and cheese…and chicken wings.
and orange chesterfields…
Now go find the REAL talent….and check out how these lovely bloggers have refreshed their rooms:


Karena said...

Hi Linda I am making the rounds for this series and love all of your abundant greenery available right outside your door! The artfully painted bamboo is also very bright and fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!
The Arts by Karena

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

I love how you use the greenery and I love how colorful your room is. The orange sofas are perfect. Beautiful and inviting space.

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

AMAZING TIPS!!! LOVE your bright and bold style and your great tips! I need to get some of those big leaf cuttings!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

This is brilliant! Your use of greenery is so artistic. And I love the price! Your home is so lovely and colorful. And meaningful--love the stick story. Thanks for being a part of project design.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I SO love your home!! You've really got great style.

cindy hattersley design said...

Oh my gosh I am CRAZY for your living room! I wanted to use some of those "big leaves" on my clients console but do you think I could find any? Of course when you aren't looking they are all over the place! This post just made me smile. Love the trike on the wall...well I just love everything! Thank you so much for joining know how much I love your blog!!

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness Linda, what a gorgeous home you have. I love all of your gorgeous plants. They really add a lot of life to your room.

StellaV said...

Inspirational as always. Now i just need one of those big ole doggie things ........

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Such a bright, happy and inviting room. My children wish they were your children! X Sharon

Splenderosa said...

Well, to me, after the painted bamboo I love the doggie on the sofa. Now, that is a real home. xx's

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

awww...thanks all! Dog on the sofa...floor...chair...bed DOES tend to make it home. And to think...we always said we would never be THOSE dog owners. Ha!


Well it would help if I had some interesting bushes in my back seem to have the mutherload there:) Of course your crib is quite spectacular without any of it!

Unknown said...

Love your living room- so fun and love the whimsical elements, plus your darling pooch. Xo Nancy

Ry @ Sotto Il Monte Vineyards said...

Love your style Linda!

Unknown said...

love every single thing.. Can I come over and sit in the living room?

Unknown said...

Linda, such a delight!! to see your lovely home, your big black dog...your junglish cuttings. I have been so neglecting my blog visiting time.


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