Monday, July 4, 2016

Who knew....

That a sweet little girl
by the name of
who can't see or hear
not that that EVER stopped her
could take such
In finding our most favorite things 
and annihilating them
:: My favorite boiled wool slippers::



StellaV said...

Oh my! Dear Pearl, what a girl!

donna baker said...

But then again, sweet Pearl can do anything she wants.

tammy j said...

life with a puppy! and that adorable face.
when they're deaf and blind...
scolding them would just seem cruel somehow.
they have no visual reference to what you mean.
you'd have to catch her right IN THE MOMENT I guess!
I love your sense of humor about it.
and someday these will be cherished memories of her.

Dewena said...

Did ever a destructive act receive such forgiveness as that sweet face inspires?

My heart is melting.

Unknown said...

what a sweet, but naughty girl. thankfully she found you and your family......your patience is amazing.

Willow's Quiet Corner said...

I know I probably shouldn't say this, at least not out loud for crying out loud, but this made me literally LOL . . . no, no, no . . . I *should* be saying naughty puppy . . . but . . . *LOL* She does have such a sweet face! Give her a kiss for me! ;)

Ivy Lane said...

Awwweeee..... with a face like Pearl's....who could be mad? Precious girl!

Julie said...

Our dog ate the couch, and the bed, :(

Julie said...

What is the name of your quaint seaside town? I would love to visit one day! Is it in Florida?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Julie.....It is Vero Beach FL.


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