Sunday, April 10, 2016

Artists at Home: Down by the River.....

In this world of fast and faster
I came upon a corner
that whispered calm and quiet
the peace of an era gone by...

Take a deep breath of warm salty air...
and join me on a tour of artist
retreat of a home and art studio.

Hers is a house sturdily built in the 1800's old old for Florida

survivor of many unforgiving hurricanes
was even moved across the street in the 1920's
I love a good survivor story

flanked by the Indian River to the east
and hugged by enormous  century old live oaks 
and twisting singing palms

the salty home as depicted plein air by artist Lori McNamara

A sweet 'guest house" cottage  next door
was Julie's previous home
and  currently lived in, and loved, by her artist mother...

It also houses a metal roof clad garage
and an outdoor shower
hidden in vines

Julie grew up in this small village
her art born between the railroad tracks and this river

It is the soul of so many of her paintings.

Inside, the handcrafted screen kitchen door creaks and slaps loudly
as it closes behind you

I particularly love theses pantry doors
original to the house, glass and all.

The kitchen once porch is bright...and cozy...and authentic
with homegrown herbs and tomatoes
ripening on the sill.

adjoining the kitchen
is  the turquoise blue 
of the home art studio

The livingroom is big and breezy
cloaked in windows, art, books, collections....and cats.
what more would one need?


A third generation artist, her art is steeped in her surroundings
I love the painting of her Granny...
probably in this same river
in the blue first floor bedroom

Hugging the first floor is a wrap around porch
screened and tempting the river breeze
this is where dinner is served nightly
and sunrises are quietly witnessed

Upstairs the narrow century old stairway
is another two bedrooms and bath
and more art
and sleepy cats...

with those beautiful Dade county pine floors
and original hardware

Art and heart and home....
In a historical little village
Down by the river.

My blood pressure dropped 20 points.

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willi m said...

It's always such a special joy to be there.

donna baker said...

I love it when you post. I wish we could all live in Florida for the winter months.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Sometimes..... It feels like everybody DOES come down here for the winter months. Lol

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Totally peaceful, no?

Pier21cdn said...

Beautiful, thanks for posting this magical piece of heaven!

tammy j said...

another delight.
you just never disappoint!

Marion said...

Is this by any chance Eau Gallie, Florida? Wonderful town.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

This little village is Historical St. Lucie Village. a sun kissed place full of history, sandy roads, tire swings and aging gray boat docks.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

This little village is Historical St. Lucie Village. a sun kissed place full of history, sandy roads, tire swings and aging gray boat docks.

Lois Lane said...

Great visit to St. Lucie Village - on the outskirts of Fort Pierce (Treasure Coast). Julie and the Professor are my favourite people! Her early morning sunrise photos are the way I begin my day...check them on Facebook. Thanks, Linda, for the tour!

Jo said...

My cousin Julia's "artist retreat" home is so South Florida! I feel I know her even better after walking this tour while she wasn't looking. Thank you, Julia, for allowing me to your place. Makes me rather homesick for Aunt Linnie's (your grandmamma) and her gardens where I lived while attending Indian River Junior college.

Julie Lounibos said...

Thanks Jo. My love of gardening began from both of my grandmothers. I remember well Grandmother Linnie's beautiful backyard paradise!


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