Saturday, April 2, 2016

Diner whites....

Love me some white restaurant diner ware
diner...not dinner. Catch that?
particularly on a scuffed up worn out an inch from death
farm table

I'm not sure why I love them so...
Have been collecting them for eons
piece by funky piece
I gravitate toward an insignia...
or name on the ware...
like a magpie to shiny things.
Really doesn't matter what it is.
These little desert plates....found in a Goodwill for 29 cents a plate
were bought because we had a wonderful dog ,Rajah, at  the time
I'm not sure I wanna know what the insignia really is

When we serve desert...or birthday cake... in this casa...The mountain of misfit plates are taken off the shelf
because why take only the 8 you need when you can heave 12?.... 
and served...dripping with chocolate frosting...or the insignia smeared with cheesecake.
One is lucky if they get the Cuinard cruise one from 1973 
...or, perhaps,  the Kentucky Horse Park plate when they have licked through to the bottom.
:: means a cruise...or big winnings are in your future ::
ok...maybe I'M the only one that plays that game...
I dunno what you get when Bentley's is your designated
cake holder.....
But it was made from Syracuse China
another proclivity I have
Not so much because of a collector value
More because it is nostalgic....Having lived and gone to school there.

and so...on my thrifting jaunts
I turn over the stacks and racks of plates searching for Syracuse.
Side Note:
I have taken to calling Helen Pearl Keller
I can't turn around for a second without her wafting, noislessly up. Smelling where I was
what I was doing.
carry on, Ghost.
carry on.

Today, stumbling through our local craigslist, looking for something else.
I never do that.
I came across a stack of diner plates
from the US Army Medical Department.
Hey. Maybe they can help out the wheezing farm table?!

They hopped in my car...along with some dining cart mugs
from a once was restaurant in Seattle

Diner ware
fun stuff to play with on a rainy Saturday.

try it.

** I found a cool site that can help you with dating your diner ware piece here...I had fun with it
The medical dept plates were from the 20-40's...some laughlin and syracuse china was OLD!


Deborah said...

I can see why you love them. I especially love Ghost resting her chin on them. Apparently she approves too.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

The Helen Pearl Ghost Keller stamp of approval! If we deem her any more names...well...she'll need a new license tag. :)

donna baker said...

So glad you found each other. Life is good there. I like plates too, but am downsizing and ridding myself of some. None like yours.

Carla Aston said...

What a cool collection. You have such a photogenic model too.

for the love of a house said...

Love the collection! But love Pearl Girl more:):)!!! Kisses to your pups! xxoj.


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