Sunday, July 17, 2011

I need some…


cute little John Derian tray, eh?

So… I get a bee in my bonnet, and try to paint a wall

in our library the color of the ocean

just before the sun rises…

a moody color.


well…as the paint dried it didn’t look like that. blech.


Ignore disheveled books and art and pillows…focus on the color, folks…the color.

It became a happy color…sweet color…

no likey.

Ideas for the color I want?? That gray/green/blue combo I cannot put my finger on.

also…while you are handing out your always fabulous ideas…

what can I do with these leather hides

that look like snakeskin purchased at a garage sale for 6 clams?




Any and ALL input much appreciated….



An Urban Cottage said...

What color did you paint?

The problem is that no color looks the same in every house. The beautiful soft butter color in my last house looked like old file folders in my new house. I find the color of the reflected light affects my wall color more than anything.

Rick Forrestal said...

The color is killer . . . the fabrics too.

I LOVE the b+w photo above the couch.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Steve...this is Ben Moore Quiet moments. There is a wall of window in the room that looks out onto the pool which is turq...I think that is really playing into this, you are right. So maybe I need to go more gray to get the desired color? Or just can the whole thing!

Rick...those fabrics are actually leather...but what to do with??

Blue Muse said...

Oh Linda, I feel your pain. Those grey/blue/greens are tough. Take a look at farrow and ball "pigeon" it has that nice twilight ocean moody feel. Their "blue grey" is nice, too. Or, if you have enough leftover existing "happy"blue, mix in some yellow based grey, taupey pigment to see if you can bring it into the moody broody arena.
I see various sized square, rectangular or even bolster snakeskin leather pillows in your future! Or cover the top of a trunk, side table or desk with it and add nailhead trim... Yum!
xo isa

Blue Muse said...

I just read your response about the pool reflection - get some warm grey sample pots and do swatches so you can watch over the course of the day what happens with the varying light off the pool... That lamp grey that Brooke g. Used in her children"s study was nice!
Love the horse photo!

Olga said...

Hi Linda,
I just found your blog thru For the Love of a House. I had the same problem in looking for paint for our home office. I finally just had to mix a few colors together to make the shade I wanted. I then took it into Lowes and they mixed a batch for me. Love it! Anyway, My first thought for the leather was to cover a side table. Let us know what you do with it.

twelveweeksatatime said...

The snakeskin would look great on a little ottoman!

Kathysue said...

Love the John Derian tray. I just did a post on needing an opinion also. As far as the paint goes it sounds like you need to go into the grays to get the moody color you are looking for. I like the idea of using your skins for a table or bench top!!Good luck!1 Kathysue

rjerdee said...

Ahhh, color...such a mystery, isn't it? My DIL and I are busy mulling through the coastal blues and greens...HGTV has a nice mix of hues over at Sherwin Williams...

Desert Dreaming said...

I too was having the same issues. I wanted a beautiful gray color with a hint of green or blue, did not want it to look like cement. My accent colors are teal, mango, and honeydew, with splashes of deep tropical pink. My husband and I went through hundreds of colors; none were exactly what we wanted. Went to every maker of paints, finally at Lowes, we found the color Thunderstorm by Valspar. We had never used that product before. Our walls were an olive green, and the kitchen a terra cotta. So, we purchased it with primer in it. We love the color and have never been this satisfied with a color in almost 16 years of being in our home, and it covered beautifully with one coat and no paint smell at all. The color has an ever so slight hint of light green, then at other times, depending on the time of day, almost a soft tropical blue. No harsh gray at all, but nonetheless, it’s gray. I can’t explain it, other than it is perfect and I’ve had numerous compliments on the color – very clean, contemporary and a color anything will go with. And though a cool color, it adds so much warmth. We then did my daughter’s room in a different gray, also beautiful, and one wall in teal with a metallic coat over it…all Valspar, all one coat and not paint smell. You will find what you’re looking for, you have exquisite taste.

simply brookes: said...

wow. love your blog. as soon as i read my first sentence i knew i was hooked. great voice, great photos, love it all.

thanks for being here.

oh, new follower.

can't wait to spend more time here.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

HI Linda!
I may have a solution to your problem. Blanc D'Ivoire had a beautiful celadon color thay would use on their furniture.... When we sold their furniture they gave us the paint to fix a leg...I have some and can send you a sample you can match, if you like.... It has some green but looks like is was watered sown with a stone color.....Maryanne;)

Joyce said...

Sorry I can't remember the question about the color because all I saw was your photo and the leather!!
Linda I love the photo on your wall of the horses. Did you take that? Also where did you find such a large frame
As for the leather find, is there enough to cover an ottoman? Or parts of a chair. Maybe even some cool art piece could be fun. xo

Anonymous said...

My front door was painted a great color for years--perfect for you.

It's an old Martha Stewart color (when her paints were sold @ KMart & Sears. It's called, get this, Atlantic. Home Depot has the formula in it's computer system.

Samples are about $3.

Good luck.

Sunny said...

Oh, you could get the sample made in either Glidden or the new MS label. Don't rec Behr, actually.


mollie's mom said...

I recently went though this... painted my family room and the light turned my nice beachy blue-gray into baby nursery blue - yuck. Painted over it with something else and used the leftover blue in a bathroom and it is fabulous! Try Rain Washed by Sherwin Williams!! Good luck. Love your blog. I'm a Carolina girl land locked in Atlanta so I'm enjoying the hat coastal life thruogh your blog! Thx,

Acanthus and Acorn said...

I know the color you describe because it's my favorite too, but I've never been able to find it in a can. It's so much easier to find it in a painting. Maybe one of the artist bloggers can help or just start mixing and experimenting on boards?

As for the snake hides...can handle them dead or alive so I am 2 for 2 at no help!!!

Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

I would like the snake skin as the back cushion of a chair. Keep the rest of the chair in regular fabric. then use left over for just the top of an ottoman who's side fabric, of course matches the regular fabric of the chair.

anita said...

your place is a feast i tell ya!

Lila said...

I love the color of that room! It's so soothing and a great shade!
Lila Ferraro

merijane said...

ideas for the leather:
1. in the bottom of a coffee table tray;
2. as 'upholstery' for smaller rectangular boxes;
3. wrap column-shaped silver candlesticks
4. lampshades
=pretty accent pieces!

Renae Moore said...

I love SW 7637 Oyster White. Instead of doing blue on the wall, just infuse the blue in your fabrics. I am getting ready to put above named in my house, have used it in client's before.

Now on those skins? Hmmm, have a funky chair or stools?

You always do fab 'stuff', can't wait to see what you end up doing!


Cher' Shots said...

My first thought on the snakeskin hides was to scrunch them around planters. It would give them an effect of movement ... ew ... think about it! But as for the color, you're on your own ~ I'm having the same problem.
'hugs from afar'

MissBliss said...

looks like Desert Dreaming has you covered on the color.

Love that advice tray and your blue pillow!

hugs from South Beach...

Cobalt Violet said...

I am not sure if you can order them there but Sidney Harbour paint company makes amazing lime washes ... it's kind of a pain because you need to do an undercoat and you have work continuous on a wall because you can't do wet over dry BUT they look amazing. It's hard to explain but it picks up the light in a beautiful way that looks richer and uneven which sounds bad but it changes .... like in a French chateau or italian villa.

I did a pale blue grey lime wash in my dining area but had them adjust the color. Anyway ... they are an amazing company and most everything is non toxic. If you don't have Sidney Harbour Paint Company there (which sells Porter's Paints) someone else there might sell it.

still thinking on the fabric! Antique chaise? :)
Good luck! (my bedroom looks like a patchwork quilt -looking for the right aqua!)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Thank thank you for all of your great ideas and paint colors...I'm gonna check them all out, and close my eyes and pick!! Still stepping over stuff from re-doing the room, and have a GORGEOUS light fixture that I was hoping I could put in there...we'll see...stay tuned!

Exchange 2007 said...


for the love of a house said...

my three suggestions for that elusive gray/green/blue (depending on the light in the room;)
Horizon OC-53
Titanium OC-49
Moonshine OC-56

I love, love these colors!! good luck!

Unknown said...

I can help when I come the first part of August while "embracing the heat" and dropping off some windows

mydeco said...

Exeriment wiht the different colours to see what corks well together and what you like. You could use (possible self-promotion)'s 3D room planner to do this.
Great pics thanks for sharing.

Hope this helps.

alison giese Interiors said...

Now wait there just a minute - I need some deets on the horse photo. It's sublime!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Scrolling through your posts, saw the end result of the table you covered with the snakeskin and had to find the first post. WOW, it is HUGE! I wouldn't want to come across that snake, but love what you did with it. $6? Crazy. Janell


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