Monday, July 23, 2012

There is something…

About the outside of a horse

that is good

for the inside of a (wo)man.

~ Sir Winston Churchill



Fun weekend! Looking forward to the Olympics.

Carry on….


Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

ah. memories. just how I was able to grow up.

Except for my Mother's stories of how many times my sister and I ended up in the ditch jumps!

Ivy Lane said...


VirginiaC said...

I love riding, but I have never tried dressage....looks like fun, but I'm sure it takes lots of discipline.

Jenny Lynn said...

I have never been horse back riding. But have admired horses for years.

Ditto's on the Olympics.

Renée Finberg said... know that's fun.
check out last months TOWN & COUNTRY.
it has an amazing article about the wealthy elite getting their girls in the Olympics.
princess grace's granddaughter
the list goes on.


heronkady said...

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canvas printing said...

great post horse back riding is something i have always wanted to do if the chance ever comes my way i would love to

rjerdee said...

yes! let the games begin!

Melissa said...

Awesome. Makes me miss my days spent on the back of a horse. :( Watching the olympics at this very moment. Can't wait for the ponies!!!


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