Friday, August 22, 2008

Mission Impossible....Possible!

OK....So Sandra at Canyon Wren Cottage put out a challenge.
A challenging challenge! Try have until monday. Dare ya!

She asked us to design a teen's room for under $1200.00

all from the internet.

Now, You need a BIG imagination to figure mine out...

'cause I can't figure out how to do the smashing storyboards that

everyone else seems to do....

so bare with me....

Imagine this, if you will:

start out by painting the walls
a robins egg blue...light and airy $30 Behr
and add these coolio wall decals from Urban Outfitters $38

Then take 5 yards ($70)of this great Anna Maria Horner fabric to ...

Make a day bed cover for this $50 Austin Craigslist find...

funky and fun for sleep-overs!

Make some pillows(all different sizes and shapes...cause you're creative that way) for against the wall out of all these fabrics...More Anna Maria Horner,

Her stuff is the bomb!

3yards at $14.00 =$42

Add a great shag rug from Urban Outfitters ($120)

for school work and creating, another Austin Craigslist find...$150. Paint it white.

with this IKEA chair $39.99
So you kinda have this pottery Barn look withouth the PB price!

5 of these lights strung and bunched in the corner over the daybed...3 of them

have lightbulb attachments $21...Lunalights

This funky bookcase(again Austin Craigslist $150) ...painted white...because you have all the time in the world to paint...and a teen needs funk.

...mainly 'cause this is all pretend.

But, let's use this as a seperation between the sleep/hanging out place and the

work place. K?

For clothes...this $60 dollar find (yep. Austin Craigslist...ok can I just take a minute to be wowed by the phenomenal finds on Austin's Craiglist....Ours, not so much!)
But paint it a

taupy color...see that color in the fabric?...or whatever fun color you like...

and add this white tree decal($38.00 Urban outfitters) to the door of the dresser ...
Top it off with this really cool recycled magazine mirror above the freshly painted
dresser ($52.00-UA again)

All this for a grand total of $861.00
....Use the rest for shipping and buying an ipod or whateva....



Melissa said...



Am I ever impressed. I wish you lived here, or me there. Then, I would hire you to re-decorate Sunbonnet Cottage.

Happy Saturday.


sandra/tx said...

That's an awesome room, Linda. Makes me afraid to post mine now. LOL I love that sectional seating thing you found on Austin's CL. Seriously. I'm thinking about buying that for real. Like I need another project.

Thanks for playing in the Mission Impossible!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Hey thanks Melissa!...the internet and an hour or a pretend budget...all agal needs!

Sandra...I'm telling you, your craigslist is PHENOMENAL!! I found so many things I wanted! Like Indonesian Market Armoires...and on and on!!

PAT said...

I just have to say...this is a fabulous room, Linda!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

I'm so impressed! Very creative. This looks like it would be an amazing teen's room! I love that you worked that hideous old sectional in. Too funny. -Julia

dec0r8or said...

Hey, I didn't know we were shopping in Austin! Hee! Great job, Linda! It's funny, but mine has a somewhat similar vibe to yours. Sort of. You'll have to wait until Monday to see it, though. I mean, seriously, wasn't that the rules?! What's with you and Amber goin' early? *sigh* I'm loving that magazine mirror thing--stylin'!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Sharona...I have been trying to reply on your site...and can't. It doesn't go through.

But for the record...I read it as get it in BY monday...not ON monday.

So, andale girl...what are ya waiting for?? Yours will be are the professional ...can't wait to see!

Hooked ( you ever get called that?), HIDEOUS??? I do not know of WHAT you speak?!! Hmpph! ;~P're kidding, right???

Aww thanks for playin' guys! Even you Sharon...with your cranky pants on! (ducking....running)

Karin said...

You have missed your calling, my friend. That room is fabulous and would please any tweener, any teen, any co-ed. Or any aging hipster (that's my mom- 66 and much more hip than me). I'm very impressed.

I didn't get that decor-in-a-flash gene. :(

Anonymous said...

oooo I like Karin's aging hipster comment!

No kiddin', Linda, this room is fab!

Now about that flooding! What's going on! Had no idea, didn't hear a whimper or a sob from your house, with all that is going on around here!

Ocean Hammock Residents said...

Hey Linda!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think that daybed must have been mine in the early 80's, though recovered since. BTW I love the way you format your text.

Best, Mary Kay

cotedetexas said...

too cute - I LOVE your blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Tee said...

Wow! You did an awesome job! Don't you love those pretend budgets?! :)

Anonymous said...

Linda, I love you room! Awesome job my dear. I'd give you the prize right now!

I could even see Cameron liking that room, what'd ya think Sandra? Especially that awesome bookcase.

Elle Jay Bee said...

What a fun post!! You have amazing taste...I can just picture all those projects in their completed awesome!!!


Marimoy said...

That. Was. Spectacular. Really. I am so completely blown away by your vision. I wish I had the time. That is the most livable teen room I have seen in a minute! I wold live in that and I am far from teen!


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