Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pink sandy beaches

Grab your straw know the one, the one with some sand still left in it

from your last visit to a pink, sandy beached,

tropical island.....

follow me to Harbour Island, which lies just a short distance off the coast of Eleuthera. To the lovely boutique hotel The Landing ....

Designed by India Hicks, famed daughter of David Hicks...

This small, gorgeous hotel has 7 Caribbean inspired guest rooms,

with mahogany furniture and crisp Ralph Lauren linens

The color...ahh, the color in the reading room

Of course, it boasts a luscious restaurant featuring
locally caught fresh seafood...
Lots of space to just hang....I love that part!
and let your blood pressure lower...just a tad...

and while you are chillin' at the Landing,
you may be lucky enough
to be invited to India's
own personal guest house....
and meet her potcake dog,
who happily claims all fuscia chairs as his...

but you may sit on the graphic chair with David Hicks designed fabric...Lucky you.

Would you look at these palms!.....Heaven

Just perfect...
night night......sweet dreams.......

last 7 photos courtesy of :Domino Mag

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I LOVE this picture that Jenn from Cottage Nest posted!
Made me laugh as I looked around our kitchen at the different
dog photos/art we have....Oh yeah, and we live in our kitchen,
and often just leave dishes in the sink...for fun.
Keepin' it real...

This one, below, never found it's real home. The mysterious sticky fingered picture mover's in

our house (ahem!) placed it here...and here it stays...for now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Artists giveaway...I'm IN!

Debbie at 'reflections of debbie' is having a great artist giveaway this week.

She asks that you post a photo, a fave photo (of your own doing)

on your blog. She will cruise around the web, looking at all these fantastic pieces of art.

She will choose one to make a drawing of.

She has posted some lovely colored pencil drawings

on her blog! Check them out here.

So, I am throwing my hat in the ring. (but I really wanna' jump

up and down waving frantically and scream... Pick me , Pick me...but I won't. I will refrain)

Below, are some recent pix from Brazil (my banner pic is from this same place).

I love Brazil.

I love the passion and the heat, the rawness and the color.

This last trip we took (to the north east state of Pernambuco), we were really able to work and sweat and play with the Brazilians.

We stayed in a beautiful, soulful little town on the outskirts

of a big city.

These Brazilians of little money, but big heart, adopted us as a neighbor allowing us a glimpse of the

town through their eyes.

they laughed and sang and fed us well. So well.

They took my heart.

Check out Debbies' post some pix of your own!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Join me on a tour...a little staycation

Are ya comfy? Take a nice deep breath...
In through the nose...
Out through the mouth~
follow me...
To the warm and heady island of Barbados,
with beautiful views of the carribean sea
and the west coast...

Through the gates of a historic homestead built in


Down the shell path to the sublime Fustic House.

re-designed in the 70's

by stage designer Oliver Messel

The house which sits on 11 acres is now a hidden and

exquisite resort with an amazing restaurant...

so I hear

...Gorgeous guest suites

I don't know about you, but I'll be staying here for oh..about 48 straight hours...

Then I'll grab my well worn book and glass of wine...and

watch dusk move in from here...

Head in for a delectable morsel or two...

Maybe even try a different suite for the next night...

Fustic House...only a dream away
C' us some of your dream spots.....
Help a gal out, eh??

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Soulful findings...

It started out simply.
I was searching for a unique sconce for our bathroom project.
I happened upon Indian Summer's great blog...where I met Tucker Robbins. Monk turned world traveler, turned designer with a cause. I was immediately drawn to his work (and have some similar pieces in our home)...
He works with indigenous craftsmen...
Together, their work is a beautiful blend of modern and ancient.

I forgot about the sconce...

and found all sorts of other beauties I could see in our abode.

That always happens to me.

"The mission was to be a bridge between disparate cultures -

be they African, Japanese, American or tribal. The result- what I believe is an extraordinary and
unique collection of modern furniture and accessories in which each piece is
simultaneously a work of art

and a reflection of worlds that have come before.

At Tucker Robbins, every piece is made of living solid woods from distant lands.
To honor the richness of the tree's color and grain, revealing as it does its
history, we use only natural oils on our furniture to take on a rich patina as
it burnishes naturally

Check him out....Lose yourself for a few minutes

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Books...Wooden shelves. Great art. A Palm or two.
Heaven on a stick.
Ok. I'm funny that way
Source: Cotemaison

source: DecorologyBlog

Source: Susan ferris, Photographer

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Any ideas???

I would love a little help with this bath. This is another one we tackled last summer.
It also was a beauty in brown retro tile with harvest fixtures but enrobbed in a wallpaper that could only be described as tin foil with daisies painted on it.
This time... I found a gorgeous old Chinese Butcher table...which we, again, somehow found the courage to cut a hole in.

Lots of subway tile in the step down shower. Retrofitted a funky (once mirror) into a medicine cabinet. Here it is still "healing" from a broken door last year.

added our own river rock carpet in front of the vanity.

Painted it a warm white as a refreshing temporary change to the tinfoil.

But now what??

Sconces on each side of the mirror? A textured dark seagrass or bamboo shade?

Paint color, maybe?

A real bed for the big dog??? Anyone??

Would love suggestions. I'll give you a dollar.


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