Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I need a helping hand....

Robert Grove photography via: flickr
Oh No! I inadvertently deleted more than half of my blog roll (see list to the right---->). Yikes!

I tried to add you all back...But fear I have missed some.

Please let me know if you need to be added.

I'll do it happily...I love being updated on all of your blogs!

With many, many thanks!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


First impressions when you walk in the

front door.

Doesn't hurt to have a touch of tropical flora and fauna to welcome

so say I...

all images: Coastal Living

And the delightful Sandra from Canyon Wren Cottage has tagged me...If ya love Texas (and even if you don't...check out her blog!)
Ok...Seven weird or unknown facts about me:
1. I have synesthesia. Didn't know until I was an adult...but for me, all of the words and letters I see are in color. I thought everyone had a specific color for Wednesday or Sally. Apparently not. Anyone else???
2. I am allergic to spearmint gum. Eyes blow up, roof of mouth itches. not peppermint or wintergreen...just spearmint. And just gum.
3. Last baby was born in water (not weird to me...but many)
4. My daughter and I have the same exact three freckles on our nose.
5. We were married on Christmas eve...It was beautiful and perfect.
6. Grasping now...Tracked Dall Sheep in the Glaciers of Alaska with a Marine Biologist...the piper Cub kept trying to stall mid-air...we landed where no human ever had, I wasn't nervous at all.
7. I have a bright, hand painted turquoise indonesian kite hanging from the ceiling of my foyer...it has wings and claws. And is probably not very welcoming...and I would do better with some lovely tropical flowers. live and learn, eh?
I am going to pass this on to anybody that would like to grab it...and keep it movin'! You ALL are my faves! Really, really!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A teensy nod to fall...

Grabbed some tropical leaves from the yard,
plunked a couple of
Chinese lantern branches and sunflowers from farmers market...
Fall in Florida...
In all it's warm slplendor!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

House tour...

Off to Morocco(not really, but pretend with me)...To a house full of texture

Begging you to sit....no, lounge

as you feel the soft breeze

that gently moves the linen curtains...

Join me.

Photographer:Bernard Touillon

Via: Cote Maison magazine

Have your shoulders relaxed...just a bit?

Thought so.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homes with Charisma...
My Favorite.
where the homes history and the owners character, personality
and style collide...
and shine through. Sometimes it is subtle and gentle.

I Love this art, and the simplicity of the setting

photos: 2008 Met home
This 1927 home in SanFrancisco designed by Jiun Ho is no exception to that rule.
Find his work here: Jiun Ho
Charismatic homes...Love 'em...or not so much?

Whoops...not done yet!

The continuation to the previous post....sorry, but simply couldn't edit it (?!)

First...Please go to visit Hooked on Houses, Journey's of Mangonette and Team Thornhill News for some fabulous reading and pix!!! These gals are Great!!! Thanks for awarding and tagging!!

And last....I want to recognize some amazing, compelling beautifully written and visual feasts of blogs...and bestow them with the Hooked on Your Blog Award (handmade by Julia! with few rules...but to pass it on to some blogs you are hooked on!)...

They get bonus points if they add 8 things about themselves that we may or may not know!!

In no particular order...
This was tough.....There are so many many more I love...but this is a start!
Carry on........

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ok...no dripping with tropical bliss pix

...just me...

But go ahead,Don't let me stop ya... picture yourself on a hammock, toes grazing the warm pink sand as you read. There...ready? Perfect.

I am continually amazed and awed at this brave new world
of blogging! I've seen mountains moved...internet souls converge in the 100's of thousands to help a family in need.

Continents and remote islands all communing....in a new way.


You guys all just float my boat! Thank you for accepting me into your worlds...

and I love peeping into yours!

The ever lovely Julia from Hooked on Houses (the quintessential blogger on all things House...and design reality shows!) Has gifted Lime in the Coconut with her

new and colorful Hooked on your blog award...

Thanks Julia!I accept it....with grace, and the knowledge that I am equally hooked on hers....and many, many...many(check the list, that needs updating, on the right) more!

The Tropical Mango gal from journey's of mangonette (who doesn't love that name?! You'll love her blog even more!) and Beth Ann from Team Thornhill News (eloquent blog on family, twins and life!) Have asked me to divulge 8 things

you may or may not know about me. ( me? really??)

So....I'll give it a go. (if you are not yet snoozing on the hammock, with raffia hat covering your eyes...actually it would make me feel better if you were....

1. Coffee yogurt. Sliced banana...try it. I did almost every day of my first pregnancy. Primo.

2. I don't do socks. Well maybe in running shoes, but otherwise...no way...here in FL anyway.

3. Sleeping yet?

4. I Love the smell of a newborn baby...and have had the privledge of being at the birth of more than I can count.

5. I worked for a NY State Senator. Senators tend to go to a lot of parades.

6. I can recite the stages of lactogenesis in my sleep. I'm not helpin' ya...look it up.

7. I can drive very, very fast. I think I am that good (oy!). My Bro and I used to take my dad's new cars to 120mph and over...every time he got a new one. No, my Dad never knew. Yes, My Bro races formula I race cars now.

8. My greatest joy...and deepest pain... has been learning to assist and live with (and help navigate often muddy waters) our child with Autism. I know I am a better person and mother because of him. He has been, and continues to be, my greatest teacher.Biggest hero. Bar none.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tropical jewels...

They find me...more than I find them. Little jewels.

Take a few moments. Breathe slowly, deeply.
In through the nose...

Filling all of those empty spaces.

Picture yourself in tropical Bali.

The scent of jasmine and cinnamon.
Color awakens your senses...

Textures soothe your soul....
You have time to collect...just be.
The doors are always open. the air fresh and sweet...

Inside and outside blend perfectly...blurring the edges.

Fresh fruit, abundant.

Art in the details...

Villa Kirana
...in the verdant heart of Bali ...

...arguably one of the most beautiful, fully-appointed five bedroom private rental villas in Bali. It overlooks the Ayung river gorge with breathtaking views of Bali's major volcano range and distant rice field terraces....

Friday, September 12, 2008

A touch of sugar...

Ahhh...Tranquility in a can...

Source: Met home

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

baring my soul on a wednesday afternoon...

I collect old gasoline numbers.

why? Dunno

I don't fix bookcases in Library/office to look nice...we generally use the shove 'em in method.

Why? Dunno.

This pillow scares me and makes me laugh...all in the same moment.

Why? Dunno. {Boo}

Now... I just love these little guys...Ex-Votos.
They always make me smile.

And... that above? I dunno.

Have any of your own peculiarities you care to share???

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not quite harvest...but orange...

I know, I know...most of you are hunkering down
with fall colors, and visions of pumpkins and harvest...
Fall isn't as cozy here, yet...it's warm and sun kissed
wet and humid.
but, I give you a tad of Orange ...
Hacienda Puerta Campeche
...in, you guessed it, Campeche, Mexico.
Surrounded by the clear sun warmed Gulf and Carribean waters.

It is a beautiful 17th century Colonial estate, made up of several buildings...
and 15 suites... should you want to visit
Look at this bathroom... with streaming sun, and a chaise...
Above photos: Architectural digest
It's the pool that looks most amazing to me...built upon and in the ruins

of the hundreds of year old structure. Like swimming amongst the

Mayan history...through doors of time.

opening the door to another time and place.
..Back to your regularly scheduled fall activities.
Carry on.


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