Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Glass half empty...or full?

I once worked at a place that lined the walls with motivational know the kind.
I always dreamed of sneaking this one at the end of the line...
just to see if anyone would notice.

We tend to be a family that ...
loves a good,dry sense of humor...particularly on a t-shirt
( favorite christmas past time is hunting for the perfect t-shirt)
We always pour over the despair catalog...
laughing out loud
check it out....they even have T-shirts too!

Can you find a fave for your office...or school...or home?
Is your glass half empty...or half full?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Close your eyes and them.

What a gorgeous weekend!

spent today trimming bouganvillea and riding horses (ok...watching daughter ride...and jumping out of the way of a 1200 pound beast that thought it was funny to dive bomb the mom)

But it reminded me of a crisp colored day in...

Oh...lets say Greece. Isle of Rhodes.
Lindos. An ancient city established 3000 years ago.

Close your eyes...enjoy the tour.

well, open them for the actual tour...

A beautiful boutique hotel Melenos Lindos. It is nestled against the rocky flank of an ancient acropolis dating from the 10th century BC.

Window glass? Never! Who needs it when the temperature is near perfect 365 days a year.

The rocks on the outdoor rooms are hand placed and gorgeous in design!

following the Lindos tradition which incorporates Ottoman , arabic and Byzantine influence... Suzannis and hand painted wood ceilings adorn the rooms...

Oh...I really hope your eyes are open....Feast on this view, would you!

Color from trailing bougainvilleas, and fragrance from frangipani, lavender and jasmine enhance this sensuous setting...

Ok...back to your regularly scheduled program...

I'm just gonna hang out here for awhile...or a year.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Come on in and visit our little Casita...

Best deal in town... Save gas...while touring the country...blogger style!
House by house.Yes folks...Our friend Julia from Hooked on Houses is hosting yet anotherVirtual open house tour! (The last one was a ball!)
Click the emblem below to see more gorgeous homes on the tour! Or better yet...add your own to Mr Linky on Julia's site!

My addition will be a modest one compared to many.
but....I love this little gem, and want to share...
to our back yard...amidst the banana trees (no monkeys...I think) and
tropical jungle gone a tad wild... where we are lucky to have a hidden
little gem of a guest cottage or casita. It tucks quietly behind our main house, and is a jewel of coral and persimmon color.
That my Mom (Grandma B) has made her own!
Yep, even better than living down the road...
she lives down the path.

You enter into an enclosed courtyard with a gated entrance(ooooh)

and a vine covered arbor...
...That opens to a winding path...

That unfolds to the little Casita...with a barrel tile roof

and working shutters...

When you enter the cottage, you step into a great room...strong Beams above.

A funky little fireplace in the corner...

One wall is all window/ to the palms and tropical fruit...

The tiny kitchen is on one side of this great to living

Old european furniture is at home amongst the white walls and beams

....A small hallway leads to one of the two bedrooms...

Spanish Birth chairs are alwyas ready for a game of chess (talk about multi-tasking!)

...back outside Palm fronds cool ... Birds sing

Translation: Home sweet home. Perfect

...But...let me tell ya....

Said grandma can also make an amazing martini!

Phew...that was long...ready for that martini about
Thanks for popping by...
Do visit more amazing Homes at Julias Blog Here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tagged: Five things to love about our state...


photos: Flickr... unless noted
Never thought I would be living here...Ever.
Coming from Colorado and New York...and having only done spring break in view of it was concrete jungle and condos.

I came to live here kicking and screaming...and told my husband three years...TOPS!

10 years have flown by.

I was (and am) wonderfully surprised by it's depth , beauty, culture and people

...and continue to find hidden treasure's
Recently katie-did from California tagged me...asking that I post 5 things to love
about our state (and then spread the love to 5 more) .
Okey dokey then...

What continually amazes me about Florida:

1.that orchids grow wild in the oak trees!

2.We can have a fresh fruit salad straight from our yard...

Bananas, Pineapple, mangoes, papaya, star fruit, Lemon, Lime,

Avacado, mint and even coffee beans (yep...tried our hand at coffee!)

3.There are working cattle ranches deep in Florida...and many are true stewards of this beautiful wild land.
It is a whole beautiful...often unknown, world in its own right.

Photos: Adams cattle Ranch

4. We have one of the oldest cities in the nation...St. Augustine(who

5. And of course...hard to think of Florida without thinking of the Ocean its ever changing moods and personalities

Now I want to know more about these 5 wonderful bloggers States:
....and GO!


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