Sunday, August 30, 2015

And so it begins.....


Sunday, August 16, 2015

They say.....

That a way to honor
a dog that you have loved, and lost.....
Is to save another.
With the help of Big Dog Ranch Rescue
we have opened our hearts and homes
to a very special guy
Meet Finnegan
Finn seems to be his house name
He was brought into this world under
very dire and deplorable circumstances. He was malnourished and neglected....
as were the 66 other great danes that were rescued from a horrendous back yard breeding situation.
It has been closed down.
 Homes are needed for the remaining dogs.
And even though he probably had little or no human contact in his 3-4 years
He has a heart and soul as big as the moon.
He is a love.
Who hugged and smiled at us the moment we met.
He has wounds to care for and needs to fluff up
and we cannot wait to give him all of
the love
and healing
that our heart and arms can hold.
Rescuing a dog saves two...
the one you rescued..
and the one that will take the space,
Think about saving a soul...or donating to the great work that the recues do.
Here's to you, Bo . I know you are smiling...and drooling.


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