Friday, October 30, 2009

Cherry on top

I dunno about you…

But THIS…this is better than a yellow cupcake with

pink frosting.

It just is.






splashed with a touch of pink


Hellooo cupcake...





Uxua Casa Hotel

Transcoso, Brasil

Yep...even better than a yellow cupcake with pink frosting...

and a Cherry on top.


Thanks Indian Summer for the intro!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall in Florida…well… fall in my camera…

You know how great it is when you find money in an old coat pocket?

A gift

Well as I try to…ahem…set up this new hard drive

I unloaded some pics from my trusty camera

That I didn’t really know were in there

and so I share…

fall 059

And apparently…a certain 14 year old who is enjoying her music theory classes had my camera in her possession for awhile

experimenting with the lens

fall 002

as did her friends

as they enjoyed their first homecoming dance…

fall 010

Oy…say’s the mother

fall 013

I happen to love the bruised knees…from climbing trees

but season’s change…

fall 014

Fall casually and quietly sneaks it’s way into the usually bright glow

which is the Florida I know…

fall 033

You learn to see and appreciate the subtleties of natures changes

I do anyway

fall 036

fall 070

It is certainly not the plunge of orange fringed harvest hues our northern neighbors are gifted with…

but is a gift all the same

fall 058-1

fall 057

fall 061

fall 064

But looking through the shots…

I find some gifts

fall 068-1

…are better left in the camera

fall 075

Just sayin’

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ever have one of THOSE days.....?

Bear with me
Gentle readers
As I fall apart at the seams.
Yes that faint~ far off scream you hear is me...

Seems as though I may be a tad out of the loop...
as my computerly gifted husband tries to fix
my computer...which tried to dive off a bridge.
I'm sneaking his computer..which he doesn't usually like...cause, well, computers under my power like to take the jump...
The phone doesn't work
the TV is wonky
and I have lost my work planner.
At least I didn't kill the fish...

Oh...That's right...
we don't have any fish.
Carry on and have a good Sunday
Please....for me??

Pleaseantly peaceful photos from: Houzz

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The seventies meets bamboo meets Bollywood…Yeah Baby!

I don’t even need words.

Do I need words?

Nah…no words.







Shower off here...


Somebody ate their wheaties…


Photos: Marie Claire mag

Thursday, October 15, 2009

For a funny guy…he has some GOOD taste…

A friend sent me a link to Actor Ben Stiller’s compound for sale in LA

~Thanks Vicky...waving !~

A mere 12.5 million clams and this baby could be yours

or better yet…mine!

This is just the outside and the Outdoor rooms...

Meet me after the post for a group defibrillator shock….

My heart just about stopped. This is my kinda pad!

just sayin’.

A sweet side entrance…Lovin’ the ivy.


Front? look at the basket weave tile

It's those little things that float my boat



The color…the Urns




One of several covered patio’s...


…and another




One more…for your seating pleasure.




Found here

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick or Treat…

In some parts of this wondrous world….

You don’t even need to carve jack-o-lanterns.

Hewn doors and windows …Allow in


…and let out the glow of light


Can you imagine?

And orbs…but not pumpkins…illuminate.


And the harvest hues celebrate the walls…



The glow emanates from within….




Be still my heart.

Eco Tourism Hotel, Kaliyil, Kerala, India

Designed by Made Wijaya

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Garage sale blues…

Well…not so much blues…more like greyand exhausted.

garage sale 005

I’m not good at garage sales…I know this...But it was time for one.

Usually we just give away…but too much accumulation. And some $ would be nice.

The prob is, we don’t go to many sales…so frankly, never know how to price things.

Then…I’m usually just so happy something is going to a good home…

that I practically give it away.

garage sale 007

The sale started at 8:00am….and by 8:20 am we were ready to cut prices in half

told you… not so good at garage sales

garage sale 006

Actually most of the good stuff was gone by 9:00 am…

Including My mothers digital camera…tucked neatly in it’s bag with all the cords/instructions and accessories

That someone stole out of the bag!

C'mon people! Really?? At a garage sale? !

garage sale 003

There was one guy, however….who was watching the comings and goings from the safety of his barn.

The kidlets that cameloved to play with him

But no one took him and his barn home…


garage sale 016

…On to Craigs list…or Ebay…

double sigh

garage sale 026

Anybody have some tips ??


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