Saturday, February 18, 2017

Choose Love

                          ^A quick watch....with a beautiful message ^

While there have been changes in the refugee camps I worked at 
this past fall....
Winter has had a disastrous effect.

from this....

To this....

the camps were without adequate heat....babies without warm clothes or shoes
....many of the most vulnerable families have been sent to
apartments and hotels....they, perhaps, need our support even more.

While on the face of it they may have running water, and a real toilet
most of these families are under supported
they still need food, diapers, prenatal care....some one to tend, care,  listen
and hug them
Many of the apartments and hotels are in isolated areas.

a favorite Italian midwife I worked with...and Delshan...saying goodbye

They cannot work.
The babies are born stateless. they have no homeland

And....Now they have lost the bit of community they had cobbled together while I was there.
they are scattered seeds once again.

The NGO's I work with are running faster and further....
to meet these fellow humans needs wherever they may be.
You can help them HERE
You will also find a donate tab at the top of this page

::Thank You to those that continue to support this phenomenal, all volunteer humanitarian effort::

I think often about the valiant souls that I worked shoulder to shoulder with
 from all over the world
who donated their time, and continue to  make
HUMAN rights their mission
In Greece and even other corners of this big world
Fellow aide worker, Jess, in a moment of quiet...on the rocks of Meteora

But Mostly I think of the chocolate eyed souls that I was somehow
supposed to meet in this life

....and I dream and I hope and I pray
For Them.

Another installment of my facebook journal while I was working in the camps....
It seems like much time has passed since that day...
and none.

You can read a previous entry HERE

Journal Installment September 16, 2016 Kalachori refugee camp in Greece:

Today there was heartache for countless of the refugees. They each need two interviews to even start the long process for asylum...many found that the first will not be granted for another 6 months. The majority have been in this situation, and worse, for a year already.

There were tears. There was the hopelessness of the unknown. Their tears have become my tears.

More months ( years) in the camps. More babies born. I, trying to help be part of the solution, pass out condoms like candy. Discuss birth control at... a seemingly feverish pace. The women tell me they don't want any more babies in these conditions. 22 year olds are on their 5th. I have met more than I care to remember that have 9. But the big families seem to be separated. A quiet conversation with a resilient and beautiful mother told of the recent sniper shooting/killing of her 16 year old son...who was just buying bread... And a death defying trek across the sea with the rest of their family to try and reach safety. They left just three hours before their home and town was decimated. They left with only the clothes on their back.

A little chocolate eyed girl, who followed me around today.... Played with my doll. She hugged her, sang to her, undressed her and dutifully mimicked washing her clothes and hanging them each to dry. Then she curled up on the ground safely cradling her baby.

My hope is that her childhood is not spent in the camps, in these bleak circumstances for too much longer.
Today, I too am sad.

#Choose Love.


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