Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do you ever….

Long for simplicity?

Perhaps on the Island of Ibiza…in the Mediterranean ?

Good bones

maybe an olive pot or two…


White washed…






Lighting as your jewelry…


A view like none other




I do.

Ibiza…Images from here

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another chair project…

Hey......I heard that!

Maybe I have a little chair affliction


I found some more fabric

and a wayward chair, that happens to have been begging for a revamp

and little does the foyer know...but it is getting on the revamp train too! Shhh.

Meet Mini Butt


Actually in our casa we call it the papa B chair.

It was one of the first things I ever dragged home from the salvation army maybe 20 years ago

My Dad carefully and meticulously

removed the layers of black and gray paint so hip so now

on the hand carved legs...and so they will stay.


It has worn many “clothes” through the years.


But for it’s new facelift…I found some sturdy cotton/linen

Similar to the big butt chair. It was a dream to work with!

I’ll use the leftover nailheads from the last chair project


I have some fun suzani{ish} fabric to make a bolster pillow out of.


see you on the other side…


Saturday, April 24, 2010

A cottage…a color…a collection…

Some of you eagle eyes noticed that I’m wearing new colors for summer…

Like a summer sundress.

And I can’t help but notice how my new colors

coordinate fabulously with Jane Coslick’s new site...

dream on Linda...


I would love to have a little salt worn cottage by the sea.

To play with…to fix up…

to colorfy my life.



Seems as though Jane has that life.


Restoring many old and need- a-new- life cottages

in Tybee Island GA


You may have seen her work in Coastal living, Southern Living, Cottage living…

I remember drooling.

She has a beautiful way of creating a happy relaxed

sand between your toes beach cottage…


Now you can have a piece of that talent...


In her new online store…

Everything from Shutters, that she will custom make for you

what doesn’t say cottage at the beach like shutters…in fun colors…with little cut-outs?



Is that a little appletini?

And would you look at her color samples

Clever Jane...Clever!


Ocean inspired inspiration!


Her site sells Gorgeous original art.

And beach furniture…FUNiture!

look at these knobs!



But most of all it sells vibe

Salty...well worn and loved ...put on your most colorful flip flop's... Beach cottage vibe…


I can smell the salt air from here!

Yes Indeedy.

Check Her new online store out HERE.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Someone will be sitting under the shade…

Of a LOVELY umbrella this summer!

Maybe sipping a lemonade…or a salted margarita


After counting and recounting and ending up with 182

official entrants

That lucky winner is:


“This is simply an amzing giveaway!

Wow. I would, love, love, LOVE - beyond love -

to sit in a set decked out in the Bravada Limelite fabric.

Swooning over here...thanks for the chance! Stunned. Shocked. Wow. Pleeeease.”


A BIG thank you to everyone who entered the contest…You are all amazing..

.and if it is at all possible to love invisible readers and friends...I do! Well, save for the lovely chinese commenters that like to sneak in.

It was a ball seeing all of the color combinations you came up with! Wish each of you could have won!

If I was ruler of the world…you would!

really really!

But…you all do win a bit…Cushions and Umbrellas is offering a 10% discount

to Lime in the Coconut Readers!

Simply add LIMEINCOCONUT10 to your order. Easy breezy peasy.


It IS your lucky day!

Lucky Ducks!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home imitates nature…imitates home...

foyer lr insp

Yes please.


another un-credited image in my inspiration folder. Oy

Last Day to enter the giveaway

Earth day may very well be your lucky day!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smelling the roses

This morning…

I virtually found myself enrobed in flowers

armfuls and armfuls of beauty


I swear I could smell them through the screen


I visited a beautiful site

Casa dulce Hogar Home sweet home

published by a beautiful woman and lover of all things flora.

Her home is tucked up high in the protective arms of the Andes Mountains

in Chile






Explore the other side of our world...

visit her here

Be prepared to stop and smell the roses

**Enter to win an umbrella and pillows HERE**

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New growth…

See any new life

new growth

this weekend??

love the plants...colors


We did...


Beautiful little filly “Lilo”

born at my daughters barn

just 2 hours old here...


Two hours...and the stunning little creature is UP...


It's a whole new world, yes?


...And Mama is oh so protecting...
What'chu lookin' at?!



“There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man.”
~Sir Winston Churchill

Happy Springing…

Is new life not amazing? Honestly.

***Don't forget to enter to win a beautiful outdoor umbrella and some pillows

HERE to add some color to your spring.***

Ends Thursday

Friday, April 16, 2010

:: GIVEAWAY::…Beautiful umbrella and four outdoor pillows…’cause summer is a comin!


It is umbrella time friends.

the sun is slowly warming

and outdoor living is coyishly calling…



Images: Pottery Barn

And all the hardworking colorful umbrellas in the world

just wanna get to work…



doing what they do best.


Little itsy umbrellas in training...we all start somewhere…no?

In a most generous offer…and they are a charitable give-back kind of

small family owned company…my favorite kind.

is giving away

a 9 foot Market Umbrella

with the sunbrella fabric of your choice…

woooo…choices! Who doesn't Love a good color choice?

and four indoor/outdoor cushions

at a value of $416.00! did I say generous?

To one lucky duck~Lime in the Coconut reader…

check it out HERE


Now please tell me i am not the only one that has duct taped the broken rib on my umbrella?…which FYI… doesn’t work so well

This umbrella being given away…in all of it’s gloriousness

has fiberglass ribs

No more broken or bent ribs from windy conditions or bad falls. The fiberglass ribs are typically 4 times stronger and up to 30% lighter than metal or wood ribs. In wind tests performed by the University of Miami, it was shown that the bending and flexing of the fiberglass ribs, spilling wind energy around the umbrella, makes it wind resistant up to 50 MPH!

who knew?



Get your umbrella and pillow

color picking juju going…

All you need to do is:

~Pop on over to Cushions and Umbrella then leave me a comment here…

tell me which color combo you would loveto wrap your summer in.What is the color that floats your boat?or sails your umbrella?


Want additional chances at sitting under your fave color umbrella this summer?

and who wouldn’t?

Blog, Twitter or Facebook about this giveaway and leave a separate comment on this post with each link.

**kindly add the generous Cushions and Umbrellas link to your post or message too**

Become a Facebook fan of the store, and you can earn yet another chance.

So in all you can earn 4 chances... if you want.

Not bad for the splendor of beautiful shade and a pillow for your head…and your feet…and each arm…

Want to REALLY increase your odds of winning?

Go outside right now…look to the direction of where your new umbrella and pillows will be...

and sigh. Contentedly.

really.It works. Trust.

Winner will be chosen on Thursday April 22nd at midnight. And announced on Friday.

Wanna know something else groovy?


umbrella in Afrikaans is sambreel
umbrella in Dutch is paraplu
umbrella in German is Rekenschirm,
umbrella in Italian is parapioggia, ombrello
umbrella in Norwegian is paraply
umbrella in Portuguese is guarda-chuva
umbrella in Spanish is paraguas
umbrella in Swedish is paraply

umbrella in Australia is umbrella…with a cool accent.

Cushions and Umbrellas ships internationally using BongoUS.

They will ship for free within the US, but international shipping will need to be paid by the entrant.

International winners or buyers can set up an account here.



Summer…it’s a beautiful thing.




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