Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Wedding Whisperer.....

When you live on a tropical oasis
a botanical garden, of sorts,
housing chickens and bulldogs and rescued cats
and have a cool old house
full of local history
...and are a gourmet cook
and surround yourself with talented folks
::cough::.Local designer Jesse Nartker and  Savoir Faire were bar none. impeccable. and creating, perfecting to the last minute. ::cough::
AND put together the most beautiful weddings on said property
you might be a Wedding Whisperer
...Like Jann.

Being the proverbial wedding crasher
yep. done it here...before
Cuz who doesn't love watching weddings being set up, I ask?
I couldn't resist a chance to lurk around behind a camera.
Join a brunch wedding...chicken and waffles is on the menu!

They were still setting up....Had plans for more beauty...and food...
A huge tent over their driveway
again connecting to their garage is where the festivities will take place.
The garage happens to have a caterer kitchen in it...
as well as Girls and Boys separate the. garage.
Your's too?
Yeah...I thought so.


The pool in all it's sparkle
played off of the blue and brown color theme
with several  cozy seating areas
 on the other side of the garage/tent

The Summer House...around the corner joined in on the fun
bedecked with more blue paper lanterns
This property Oasis is truly amazing.
paths meander
ponds stocked with Koi lazily bubble
The wedding ceremony will take place on the West side of the Oasis

under a driftwood

and witnessed by the old hens
who have their own lovely abode!

The chickens have a chandelier! I could happily live with them...
The food looked like it was going to be fun and extraordinary
and plentiful...

Including these cinnamon rolls made by neighbor LeeAnn
of The Sugar Shack fame.
The drinks...also plentiful...looked as fun!


Love these little bottles of local Natalies orange juice
and Lemonades....Even more fitting as the brides name is
A cake cloaked in white...and simple blue thistle flower was charming 
Sweet jars of honey will go home with the guests

Every detail was as splendid as the next

She and her team truly are the Wedding Whisperer.
just hanging with the old hens
and their chandelier.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

What have we been doing??

~The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt
within the heart       ~Helen Keller

.... These last few weeks
we have been particularly busy
with a brand new
little...well big...girl.

She found her way into our hearts and home
when someone clued me into
a Great Dane that needed a home
and probably would not find one. Ever.
You see, Pearl the Girl has some very special needs.
She hasn't noticed however.
She is all full of the whim and vinegar
that any 13 month old puppy has.
Smarter than a whip... She opens all and any doors.
She has fallen into the pool....swam...and pulled herself out
She comes on a morning run on a 15 foot lead with Finnegan
and has learned to sit and lay down to touch command
She is Happy. She is confident. She is exhausting
She is a teacher.

We had no Idea how she would react during our long trip home
She adopted us.
and trusted us.
Finnegan has been a most patient and kind teacher
she puppy bows...sits in his spot....eggs him on.
he yawns
and now we catch them walking in the yard
she has already mapped it out...and the house.
and lying down together
she has gotten up on the counter to get into the cookie jar
pulled the lid off said jar
and dropped it smashing onto the floor.
Been into the garbage enough times, that a locking garbage can was just purchased.
In that first week I was compelled to watch The Helen Keller movie The Miracle Worker.
while watching... she chewed buttons off the pillow and tried to climb onto the table.
Our little own Helen Keller. Sigh.
which she tends to be called more so than Pearl.
She is blind and deaf due to breeding...uninformed backyard breeders, or puppy mills trying to breed "designer Danes" and using two Merles causing a potential "lethal White".
She was bought from such a place....for $3000 dollars
...and before we rescued her
they had intentions of breeding her
to her brother. Hopefully getting the color they wanted...but to what result?!?
Both she and her brother ended up in a Great Dane Rescue down South when the owner developed cancer. Neither were spayed or neutered. She...luckily...had not gone into heat.
She would have been euthanized in a regular shelter.
Here we are. Learning from, Living with and Loving our newest family member.
We wanted YOU to meet her too.


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