Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To 2009! And...a smelly,er...scented, giveaway...

Putzing that is a word, yes? in my kitchen this morning, I wanted to share

just a few of my favorite things...version 2008...1.0.

not including the most important, of course... family, friends, big black dog dog yadda yadda yadda.

I found me some Mrs. Meyers Peppermint dish soap...heaven in a squirt bottle
Yep. Heaven.

A hint of vanilla and peppermint goes a long way to curing

the ole dishwashing blues! If you find it. Get it.

It's that good!

As a matter of fact stock up on all of her stuff. They have

parties under the sink. Yes...really, really.

As I type...I still smell the intoxicating aroma of my most fave candle and I am in my room, it's in the kitchen!

Capri Blue...Volcano #6. Exotic, fruity.heady.

ahhh...be still my nasal cavity.

find it here.

Not enough to be said about the perfect simplicity of Penzeys spices.

A once Ma and Pa company,

dedicated to finding and bottling the best herbs and spices the world has to offer.

Catalog is full of recipes.Wonderful gifts. Prices are really decent. It's spice, people...

Trust me this once. Please. You won't be sorry!

You all... yes, You are also my favorite things 2008, version 1.0!

the last few months have been a complete rush!

Love finding all of you. Double love your comments and ideas!

A big thank you...and smooches...

And,to give back...cause that is just the way I roll...I will be sending one of you,

one of my favorite things...for being so good, so nice, so you!

just leave me a comment...let me know which of those is YOUR fave too!

...and sometime next year. Well, Sunday to be exact,

I will randomly pick a winner...and you will recieve one of the goodies I have

shown above. Mention this on your blog, even just a leeetle bit, and
I will submit your name twice just remember to tell me in your comment!

ready, set...Go!

Best to you and yours in 2009!

It'll be a good one.

I can just smell it!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Warm quiet solace...

There is a little known private island in the Carribbean,
fringed with white sandy beaches
basking in crystal clear warm turquoise water...

Petit St. Vincent Island...only 100 acres of rolling hills.
Tamed just enough
to allow 22 guest cottages...one could be yours.

...Each built of stone. All are naturally air conditioned... Simply the beach breeze through

opened louvered doors and windows, Cool terra cotta floors

And palm frond ceiling fans...slowly revolving.

No tv.No radio. no phone...
just quiet.

In the warm evenings...oil lanterns light the way to the beach where tables and chairs are scattered along the shoreline and a steel drum band sets the festive spirit.
One can feast on grilled chicken, steak, lobster, and fish.
During the sun soaked days...Guests can sail, scuba, kayak...or just walk throughout
the many marked trails along the island.
There is a yoga pavilion and a massage therapist for your every whim.

Go there. Live it.
...Save a spot for me!

Petit St. Vincent Island...a member of the leading small hotels of the world

Friday, December 26, 2008

Pardon me while I play...a bit...

Mama's happy...It was a wonderful Christmas and Christmas eve.
warm and balmy
Friends and family.

I was so surprised...recieved a new camera for Christmas.
The other was in hospice care...doing it's best. Sometimes. Sometimes not.
So, still learning the tricks of the newby...
But I am LOVIN' it!!

Indulge me in a horsey moment, will ya?
I mean really...who could resist these deep soulful eyes?

...Nor this candy ass swagger?
ok...ok....I'll go look for some tropical scenes for y'all.

Hope everyone had a beautiful day....and has a wonderful weekend!
Carry on.

Monday, December 22, 2008

From our imperfect home...to yours...

The stockings were hung on the piano with care
ok...maybe they were just hung...not too much the care part.

The three wisemen were bearing gifts...the camels were cameling (that's what they do best I hear)

The imperfect tree was so happy in it's jewels.
Not a spot left empty by hands that used to be so tiny...
I swear it smiles when I walk by, though...

...an odd amalgum of

things. No real rhyme or reason...

The northern star did find it's way in, however
albeit in the powder room...
...and even Santa moves around through the house.
May your dishes get washed, your kitchen cleaned ahem...
but more, so much more...
May you find PEACE this beautiful season.

Merry Merry to all in all of your
imperfect perfectness!!
Photo: a beleza de todas as coisas

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A lovely Nor'easter...

I know so many of you are being blanketed

by the white stuff. Gorgeous white stuff, I might add.

It has been so long...I have a hard time remembering what it looks and feels like. Sad.

I do remember a cool fall winter in the Northeast...

while no snow, this reminds me of it's simple beauty.

Dream with me for a moment...K?

Some clean modern lines...almost nautical.

oooh look!...a see a fire in the corner. Ahh.

Ok...this barn door in the kitchen is Fab. I think I need a barn door in our kitchen.

Look at the stone in that Gorgeous fireplace.

I think I am having a fireplace thing. Yep.

...And a secret door into the kids room. Magical, no?

Gorgeous architecture by Hutker Architects

What are you dreaming of...other than sugar plums?

Thursday, December 18, 2008


“The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea
~ Isak Dinesen

...A beautiful early morning walk the week before Christmas.
Hoping you find your slice of peace
this season.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Grab a cup of cocoa and feast your eyes on this home!

Holidays times two.....

Another classic Hooked on Houses tour...check out the button above

to feast your eyes and soul on everything holiday!!
Merry Christmas from a Beautiful Florida home of a friend

and neighbor...
....so full of color and whimsy
and FUN!

You can't help but feel happy as you enter...
Always sunny and bright...

Original wood floors are scattered with gorgeous timeworn persian rugs...

Well used Wellies holding the giftwrap...love this!

Their banister is decked with antique silver
baby cups from her collection ... Awwww

The livingroom showcases tropical art beautifully with

The stockings are hung...

...along with an assortment of well loved, often read
Childrens Christmas books

Santa is getting ready...yep.

Cranberries in vases with candles inside
light the dining room table

I am truly in love with this shell chandelier...
In love I tell you...

The walls are painted a key lime green...
The kitchen is beautiful...blue willow platters
line a wall

The Family room....is ....well ,so family! And still more...as you take the winding path out the side door from the

You come to the lovliest pool house...
and pool.....

No snow in this clime...But tons o'Whimsy and fun!

And boy do the locals sure know how to wear their color!!!

Another winding chicago brick path off the pool leads to a stunning guest
cottage, aptly named Sunshine Cottage check out the link...which they rent out...
Come on, you know you
wanna! Heck I wanna
An octopus of an old Live oak... protects this gem of a home
and it's amazing family of five....

ooooh...and their bevy of kitties....

Fa la la la la.....la laa la la!


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