Saturday, June 25, 2011

Early Saturday musings…

Up this morning at dark thirty…walking on the beach with a friend

…not solving world issues…per se.

But solving.

Witnessing the sun wake over the liquid blue grey sea.

The air is smoky from nearby fires…the earth is thirsty from lack of rain

a cactus in our front yard is tired and dying

I was to lazy to pull it out…


...and just ignored it in that way you can when life is busy

…until passing by it on the way home from the beach walk this early morning


and noticing life..tons of life…tons of babies.

burgeoning babies


IMG_9591 …And this!



‘Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working’


Thank you tired and discouraged cactus

…thank you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A favorite corner…

Our glorious 70’s bathroom had a medicine cabinet

like many glorious bathrooms had…


This would be when we moved in…Don't judge.

see it sticking out of the wall…Outside…a door. Inside…little glass shelves inside a plastic box.

When we re-did the bathroom, I knew I still wanted to have a cabinet there.

And as serendipity would have it…I found what was once a mirror…I guess you would open up the doors and the mirror was inside.


Only…the mirror part was broken. so It was just doors and a frame.I got it for a song.

We went to work and cut a large hole in the wall to inset a new medicine cabinet...

That we proceeded to take the door off . just needed the inside.


And then affixed the wooden mirror-less doors on top of the new medicine cab shelves

are ya with me?



Ta-da...still small…but handy…and…uh…unique

and yep...I keep pix of kidlets in there. Doesn't everyone?



A fave little corner.

hey…I don’t need much.

Happy Fathers a fave father or two

…even though this post has absolutely nothing to do with it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I’ve said it before…

gorgeous blue house in Brazil

I LOVE Brazil…and a great blog straight from That amazing country is

My little happy place

owned and operated by Allison.

I was happy to do a little guest spot on her blog

about things in my casa that just plain make me happynot including the live things.

it's all about the happy, folks.


Check it out…if you are so inclined...just click on the header above

Have a happy day!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet sweet 16…

So I celebrated a birthday party with a favorite 16 year old…

I was the lone adult among a cadre of teens

go ahead. weep for me.


I was given the enviable task of staying at the pavillion

guarding assorted ipods,purses,keys...flip flops (??)IMG_9497

while they all went running off into the surf. Gallavanting merrily...


Hours…maybe it was even days went by…


and I sat…and dutifully watched. and watched. and watched

seemingly all of my friends and family were at every other corner of the earth.

I sat alone. sniff.

Finally…they returned….to open some ::cough:: interesting gifts...and others very benevolent...


Later, That evening Some of the girls and I spent the night

in a funky little villa on the ocean


In the morning I peacefully awoke to the sounds of waves

refreshed..rejuvenated… maybe I did call the one



And took a walk on the beach…and stretched...IMG_9542



They didn’t. that would be a table their feeties are on

payback is a beeyotch.

~mother of the year award coming soon.~

Happy Birthday my love!

oh…and the kink in your back will be gone by tomorrow. promise.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It is no secret…

In this house anyway…That I would move to Brazil in a skinny minute

The few times I have been…I have loved meeting the people, the culture…It is a giant and beautifully diverse country

And in my dreams…If when I lived in Brazil…I would live wildinhaling the surroundings…I would live here:LeafHouse2 In a house shaped like a giant leaf…seriously.

LeafHouse21 The natural shape of a leaf protects the home from hot and humid weather…and the

tropical rains

The tall open spaces can capture the sultry trade winds


I would love to invest in and become a part of the surroundings.Surround myself with water...and swaying palms...and warm breezes. Isn’t that what it is all about when dreaming of beach homes?


Dinner for 14…anyone? Come visit. You are always welcome


Oh the hammocks…and the spiraling architectural details…


Rattan ceilings…


Ok…so maybe I would need a splash of white paint. shhhhhhh.




We all need to step outside of our box once in awhile…and live under a leaf.

Doncha' think?

LeafHouse1 I guess I could do it here

twist my arm.

Fabulous architecture by Mareines and Patalano.

check their vision out here

Thursday, June 2, 2011

And the Wiener…

Ooops…WINNER…of the Summer Rental Book by Mary Kay Andrews


Fullscreen capture 622011 84753 AM

Terry Bfrom New Jersey


Come on DOWN!

and send me your email and address….so we can get the signed Hardcover out to you!

Thanks for playin’ kids!


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