Monday, November 28, 2011

Little Green Notebook….luv ya!

What a treat to come home and find my err... our Living room on Jenny in the hoods' blog

The Little Green Notebook.


I mean come on…who hasn’t dreamed of picking up and moving to a loft in NYC with beautiful family in tow… like Jenny did?

Can’t be just me. right? right?

Anyway….Oy. I think I kinda hate seeing my rooms in “print” …blog print. you get it right?

Do other folks 185 lb Great Danes mush down their furniture just so? No? thought so.

Thanks Jenny in the hood.

You are good. Jenny in the hood.

ok. done.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Colors of thanksgiving weekend early in the morning at our casa…

It’s lazy. We have had turkey in many forms. Soup tonight.

The birds are singing outside…the windows are wide open…the sun is rising


IMG_1003Tomorrow… Kids are back at school. Work ensues.




…and for now… I cannot seem to remove myself from my well worn chair in my well worn room.

While the breezes blow.


two fave paintings…Hudson river painter George Inness towards the end of his career

and two of four of my favorite kidlets…how does the time fly?

Enjoy the last of your thanksgiving weekend.

May warm breezes blow for you.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

::Abundantly Thankful::


Happiest of Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So…when your computer…..and router… and all the computers and phones in the family

and maybe the entire neighborhood

go down…


And your IT person aka the hubs

is more than 9 time zones away…


Your kinda stuck….reading books…

and other cerebral things you used to do before you were so, uh, connected.


Mashed potatoes….I love you so. sorry. couldn't resist the pic.

But now I’m back…and sneaking in your back door to check out your goods. umhm.


Checkin’ out your goods.



Never mind me. apparently excited to be connected again.

Thanks IT guy.


Images: Pinterest

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Morbidly lacking things to blog about…

Ooooh but I do need to tell you about a great book I just read…Funny and poignant,

literarily articulate and warmly down to earth.

Fellow blogger Liz Owen from Mabel’s house wrote her Memoir of learning to love what you have…

along the way seeking just a tad of revenge on her literary heroes…

If you own a house…have had projects implode before your very eyes…and share space with a fur friend…


read it…you’ll love it

find it here.

I am also re-reading Anne Morrow Lindberg’s ‘A Gift From The Sea’

and, yes…I use a magnifying glass to read…sometimes

Don’t cha love this one?


Give you a dollar if you can inspire me...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The reality is…

I don’t style. I plunk.

and as far as careers for plunker’s….Nill.


Hell…I don’t even pick up most of the time.


so when I want to take a pic of a whole room….It is often hard. And not so pretty


Not to mention…this is the leftover room. Once dining room. Once library. Now office/junk collector room.

you have one. no?


The down loveseat never sold (for 35 clams!) at our garage sale...

so I slip covered it in linen…and threw it in the “room”

The arms have other material thrown on them ‘cause the big black dog sneaks up there…and yes…slobbers.

This is my reality. styled. HA!


This is a rug I pulled in from the kitchen….It’ll go back.

It is embarrassed being seen in this shot.


Plunking. Not such a good thing.


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