Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shower thoughts??

What d'yall think?
Right now the shower cutain in the kids bath is a textured
waffle weave, that I have a thick Linen pinned on to
(always planned on buttoning it on with big organic buttons...but...still just pinned)
Saw this when I was doing that teen room re-do...
Too themey?
Yes, no, maybe so???

hard to see the linen...but it is there. trust me.
other side...
old root holding towels...this is where the too much of
good thing could come in...

Oh... LOOK! the toilet seat is down. Miracle of miracles......Thoughts?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Friday Sugar....

Beautiful...all of it!

just clik the pix for a bit more detail

Have a wonderful Friday!
Thanks Jen!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Help and Hope

There is a beautiful family in Arizona, that has been devastated by a plane accident.
Stephanie(Nie nie) and her husband Christian were in a terrible crash early this month. They are left with third degree burns over
80% of their bodies.
She had a beautiful blog about family and love and life.
As a tribute to her, and to help raise money for their recovery,
her sister...another blogger, and blogging friends have set up Nie Nie day today...a day full of auctions in blogland.
Visit the site....think of buying something.Donating some money and some heart....and helping a
family put some pieces of their life back together.
I know I will.
Help to get the word out....
Godspeed Nie Nie and Christian.

Conch living...

A little taste of Key West...Just because.

Coutesy of Coastal Living via Desire to inspire

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

White-washed tranquility...

Some exotic flair from interior architect Samiya Al-Harthy Sheridan,
in the far away (from me) country of Oman.
Cool and white-washed tranquility...

the bedroom rugs are Bedouin shamlas, woven of camel hair.

The narrow, pointed-arch windows are typical of Omani architecture and are said
to help cool the space.

Past the white sands is the Gulf of Oman...

Photography by Tim Beddow
Architectural Digest August 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Island love.....

There is an absolutely unforgettable island

lost in the jewel colored Atlantic, off the coast of Brazil

It is an amazing Archipelago, fringed with jungle...

Fernando de Noronha

You will not find large hotels, If you are priveledged

to visit...You live on and with the land...

as a matter of fact, to maintain the islands integrity and beauty,

only a certain amount of people are allowed to visit per day.

There are more spinner dolphins and sea turtles than people on Fernando de Noronha.

The result: its 16 immaculate beaches, set between craggy sea cliffs and the volcanic rock formations emerging from translucent waters, are virtually deserted.

Nearly everything and everyone on the seven-square-mile main island is geared toward preserving Noronha's abundant marine life and land species.

There are a couple of Pousadas (Inns) that were built

in peace with this eden of an island...

Pousada Maravilha (you must visit their site...oh!)

has only 8 bungalows, simple...but beautiful...Another sliver of paradise is the Pousada Teju Acu...

We had planned on visiting this elusive beauty of an island this past spring, when we were
in Brazil. It wasn't in the cards for us....that time.

...hope springs eternal

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mission Impossible....Possible!

OK....So Sandra at Canyon Wren Cottage put out a challenge.
A challenging challenge! Try have until monday. Dare ya!

She asked us to design a teen's room for under $1200.00

all from the internet.

Now, You need a BIG imagination to figure mine out...

'cause I can't figure out how to do the smashing storyboards that

everyone else seems to do....

so bare with me....

Imagine this, if you will:

start out by painting the walls
a robins egg blue...light and airy $30 Behr
and add these coolio wall decals from Urban Outfitters $38

Then take 5 yards ($70)of this great Anna Maria Horner fabric to ...

Make a day bed cover for this $50 Austin Craigslist find...

funky and fun for sleep-overs!

Make some pillows(all different sizes and shapes...cause you're creative that way) for against the wall out of all these fabrics...More Anna Maria Horner,

Her stuff is the bomb!

3yards at $14.00 =$42

Add a great shag rug from Urban Outfitters ($120)

for school work and creating, another Austin Craigslist find...$150. Paint it white.

with this IKEA chair $39.99
So you kinda have this pottery Barn look withouth the PB price!

5 of these lights strung and bunched in the corner over the daybed...3 of them

have lightbulb attachments $21...Lunalights

This funky bookcase(again Austin Craigslist $150) ...painted white...because you have all the time in the world to paint...and a teen needs funk.

...mainly 'cause this is all pretend.

But, let's use this as a seperation between the sleep/hanging out place and the

work place. K?

For clothes...this $60 dollar find (yep. Austin Craigslist...ok can I just take a minute to be wowed by the phenomenal finds on Austin's Craiglist....Ours, not so much!)
But paint it a

taupy color...see that color in the fabric?...or whatever fun color you like...

and add this white tree decal($38.00 Urban outfitters) to the door of the dresser ...
Top it off with this really cool recycled magazine mirror above the freshly painted
dresser ($52.00-UA again)

All this for a grand total of $861.00
....Use the rest for shipping and buying an ipod or whateva....



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