Thursday, May 31, 2012

My computer has bit the dust...
or at least tasted the dust.
My Camera is not cooperating
spelled backwards

But This guy graced us with his presence the other day
and everything seems ok.

and I bought a biiiiig pot.

I'll be back. Promise.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Confessions, car crashes and fierce Mother’s love…

I have a confession, I have often used you, my readers…and this blog

as a catharsisBut I think of you each as friends. Each.

Let me use you one more time please to tell my story.

So I can breathe. So I can stop crying.


This week I drove with my youngest for a University interview and tour

We were driving in her small Mazda…. She dutifully stopped at a stop sign.

She looked both ways,

Then proceeded to drive straight into the path of an oncoming SUV… going 60 mph.


I saw it. Time stopped. I yelled NOOO. Put my hand out…

in the way mothers do.

Heard it. Couldn’t stop it.

Then black.

I awoke to the acrid smell of smoke…looked over to see my baby. My beautiful girl lying slumped…eyes opened. Broken.

Mama hormones and Mama love are the most fierce …most impassioned kind of strength.

I witness this, often, at a birth.

I know this. YOU know this. You Mothers. You sons and daughters.

The car was on fire (or so I thought)… I wailed for my baby to live. held her, shook her,pulled her seatbelt off and mine .

she finally looked at me. My beautiful curly haired morning star

who was only going to be 17 next week.

and whispered faintly

I am ok

With a speed and strength of what I can only imagine as pure adrenaline , I pulled myself out of the turquoise burning coffin, and over to her door. There was no handle…it was not opening. There wasn’t really a door.

I couldn’t see out of one eye….thought maybe I had lost half of my face… I lost a shoe…I saw blood.

I demanded in that way that mothers do my curly haired child to follow me.

she pushed I pulled her over the console.

We chanted the mantra we are ok…we are ok the whole time.

Thank goodness she didn’t have a spine injury. I know not to move accident victims. I know this .

But the ferocity in me demanded it.

Ferocious, that mother love, that has us dispel rules in the name of survival.


Ambulances, and trauma centers, cat scans a few days in a hospital bed... and a few staples in our heads later.

we are ok

we are ok

we are ok.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A Mothers Day bouquet…for you

Every flower is a soul


in nature.


Some at the beginning of their


others moving toward the end.

IMG_2923 All beautiful.



To the mothers…


…and those that love them.


Happy Mothers Day


Thursday, May 10, 2012

A B and an A.

Or… a before and an after



This was a charming(ish) beach cottage

used, lived in...kite flyin'

... take a looky now...




I love me a good B &A


photos courtesy of: Coastal living

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For those looking for a night shot…

Of our cheapy outdoor lights
Seriously…you remember those ceiling globes? You can find them a dime a dozen at thrift stores….or Habitat home stores.
Fill them up with christmas lights…plug ‘em in. Or, as a reader mentioned…try battery operated if it is for a special evening.
We have a few throughout the yard…different sizes
Night creature…
night night.
sleep tight... don't let the bed bugs bite

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


…In the garden
These white globes are lights from a thrift store ( 1 clam at the most)…stuffed with white Christmas lights….
Beautiful {cheap} lighting at night. The one above tipped over...
relax,  it's fixed.

Kinda lovin’ the color of it’s messy little self…

The chartreuse room.
Ooooh. So fancy pants sounding.


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