Monday, July 27, 2015

Dare to eat a peach....

So as this summer is sailing away at record pace
and temps
 upon the challenge of a friend
I decided to grab the peach by the pit...
Said friend benevolently gifted us with a box of straight off the tree southern freestone peaches
even succulent
Then, said friend, practically challenged....dared me to make a recipe that she makes
Peaches and Crème Brulee
challenge on!
four ingredients
who doesn't love the simplicity of that?
five if you count the peaches
which were hollowed out
in preparation
for a decadent, albeit delish,
crème brulee mixture
It was cooked in a makeshift bain marie...over simmering water
until it hits 180 degrees... and coats the back of a spoon.
:: slurp::
Then filled in the hollowed out peaches....
sugar added
and flamed  for a candied sugared crust with a kitchen torch
Mine was not as pretty as hers....
it was delectable....and you eat the bowl!
recipe adapted from here
Get yee some peaches.


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