Saturday, November 8, 2008

Paris...with Pj's on...

So...this morning I went to Paris...Barefoot and in PJ's.

Yesterday's mail brought a delicious surprise from Deanne

What a treat...this morning I read it cover to cover

...Not sure I have EVER done that with a cookbook before!

My third year in college, I went to Paris to study abroad.

It filled my senses...It was all so intoxicating

This book brought it all back.

Poilane...The most luscious Boullangerie in France!

The good news...They will fedEx their famous four pound loaf to your door for only

Can't visit the city without sampling the grape...

La Derniere Goutte...a jewel of a wine store in the center of Paris

Oh! French Cookware...Made to last!

Copper pans, Le crueset pots, tart pans...everything for the french cook.

Dehillerin...the top restaurant supply store for all Parisian chefs!

A fellow student was taking a cooking class at the cordon bleu at the time..

I remember accompanying her to this fantastic store.

I've never looked at a restraunt supply place the same!

A little side trip to a funky little place...In the West of France

Look at the size of that timepiece....fills his garden!

So, what does this have to do with the Barefoot Contessa, you may ask?

Nothing...reading it brought me to my fave french shelter mag

Which brought me to this great bohemian atelier of

Frédéric Tabary,
décorateur spécialiste du style métal et patines (what he said)

What an inspiring place to create, eh?

This kitchen is full of personality and flavor.

An antique shower pan is his sink. Really? Yes.

Atelier photos: Guillaume DeLaubier

So...Deanne...How does Steak a poivre sound for dinner tonight?
Thank you!


Ivy Lane said...

Great post! I wish I go and put my jammies back on....curl up with a book and a Latte! I have had such blogger's block lately! This post certainly gives a lift! :)

anita said...

ooohhh paris..
been fortunate to have gone twice, but i would love to go again, and again and again.

Suzann said...

I have never been to Paris, but I would love to. I adore Ina and her cookbooks are such a treasure. Wonderful post!!

Lisa (aka) French said...

Some yummy pics yet again;) French

Fifi Flowers said...

HOW FABULOUS... I am sooooo HAPPY to visit you today! HOW WONDERFUL to study abroad! I was only in Paris for a week and feel in love! I cannot wait to return... hmmmm... when will that be... sigh!
ENJOY your weekend and merci beaucoup for sharing!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Paris was amazing as a student...although I was dirt poor. But met such amazing people...and saw some over the top ateliers! We lived in an amazing one (well a room)but it had the balcony overlooking the market street...the crazy landlord (literally). The once suicidal, amazingly talented artist housemate.

Thanks for your comments... Go...Go!!

Bo said...

Oh my this makes me want to return to Paris...we went in 2006 but only had 2 days there...not nearly enough time...we were on an organized tour for 23 days so we practically slept with our hands on our suitcases...LOL...if the lottery should smile on us, we will be back! Loved this post!!! ;-) Bo

Bridget said...

What a fun trip and to think it all started with a cookbook! You are amazing!!!!

Eloise said...

Paris is my very favorite place in the whole world! Thanks for taking me back there today. Lovely post.

Millie said...

What a fabulous post Linda - I have so enjoyed my little Parisian sojourn - merci! Those cookware stores are my absolute favourites, I could spend hours & hours there.
Millie ^_^

Mia said...

Love this post! Inspiring and charming.

I used to live in southern France, Montpellier but always visited Paris regularly. It is a lovestory that will last a lifetime.
Have you been there? I mean without you pjs?

Love, Mia

Joyce said...

How did I miss this post?! I love it!! I haven't been to Paris, but have all of Ina's cookbooks. One of my dream jobs would be to work with her. I only saw her briefly for a book signing but there was something so sweet about her.

Linda, thank you for the beautiful comment today on my blog. Hugs...

Ms. Tee said...

I somehow missed this post! Wow - I would LOVE to go to Paris. :) I love all of your photos, too.
Oh, and I wish you could show some photos of your parents' deck! ;)

Porchlight Interiors said...

That shop with the french cookware gave me palpitations! I could spend hours in there - I will have just the spot to hang those copper pots when I finally get my new kitchen! Tracey x

Stephanie said...

It's like jumping down the rabbit hole when visiting here....

beautiful surprises 'round every corner!

Anonymous said...

Delicious post in every way.... thank you Linda!!!!



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