Tuesday, January 13, 2009

...Feeling Bleu?

Flotsam...Jetsam...lonely, saltwashed pieces of driftwood

Gnarled...forgotten...beaten by constant waves.

Beach debris. Nothing more, right?


Take a look at the way The artisans of Bleu Nature
make the most of the imperfect
yet beautiful
shapes that they find...

This innovative company produces a stylish eco-friendly furniture range made from repurposed wood, and designed by three French artists...Frank Lefebvre, Bastien Taillard and Laurence Glorieux.

"All Bleu Nature creations are born of an encounter between the technical mastery of a French craftsman and the prolonged work of nature. Nature has fashioned each piece of driftwood over time, rendering every item we produce unique in both form and dimension"

The team combs the beaches of the world
looking for any and all lost, drifted wood. Large or small. Twisted or straight.
Not a bad job...I could happily apply.

And gives each a new life. New soul.

it may be....

Bleu Nature

Sustain. Repurpose. Recycle.



cotedetexas said...

nice and interesting - i love the mirror and the lamp!!!

Danii said...

The mirror and the lamp are indeed gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing those pictures

Fargerike Dagny said...

The lamp in the last picture is just beautiful!

Amber Cargile said...

I agree...lamp is fantastic and I could see it and the bench in your casa!

Fröken L said...

I love the lamp and the white/wooden chair. What a natural beauty. It would be a lovely job, walking around the beach looking for pieces of driftwood. I can apply for the job with you.


My Castle in Spain said...

love those benches !!
driftwood makes me always feel peaceful...

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

I like the glass shelves with the driftwood posts. I wonder if they're hiring world-beach-combers. I could be persuaded to spend my days collecting driftwood. . .

Rachel said...

It has such a serene feeling. Very different but I am liking it!

Anonymous said...

I love the lamp!

We're looking for smaller pieces of driftwood from the lake. J found two larger pieces, that will figure into the condo redo, in a sculptural sort of way. One is slated for the deck, where we moved the wicker chest from the bedroom. More on that project as the weather warms. The other piece, smaller, is now atop the wine cabinet. Still deciding on that one.

Great post, Linda.

for the love of a house said...

Oh I love driftwod! I grew up with my Mother packing it in cubby holes in the trunk of the car while on vacations- much to my Father's chagrin! She grew up in Hawaii so I think it was in her DNA to walk the beach picking up driftwood! It rubbed off- we collect "forestwood" and the occasional river driftwood- I have urns filled with the beautiful pieces. I love the chandelier! I'm thinking "project" for dear husband!!!

Joyce said...

Driftwood and stones are beautiful and double beautiful made into amazing functional pieces. Thanks...

farmhouse wares said...

Gorgeous! Soft and rugged all at the same time.

Mango Gal said...

These are so cool! If I saw them in someone's home I'd be fascinated, so pretty.

Kim and David said...

I love their work. It's so unique and stylish. Kim

Stephanie said...

Isn't it interesting how this hard material can appear so soft. The combination with modern elements are perfect.

thanks for opening my EYES to this company!

Stephanie said...

love the orange you used briefly :) as your background

dec0r8or said...

Oh, I love the last pendant lamp pic! That actually looks like a project we could do ourselves! You go first...:)

Katie said...

love the mirror - it is AhhhmaZzzing!!! I love seeing the creativity of the repurposed wood - the minds of these people have to be like so full of good ideas, it would cause headaches or something...wow!

SeaWorthy said...

Coastal Nest is going to be making something great when the sea is a little more on the calm side, in a few months!!

Its just so not tropical out here.EVER, your photos are so wonderful!
I promise to use the driftwood for more than the bonfire this year..

Anonymous said...

Driftwood is so great. I just did a post a few days ago that includes items by Bleu Nature. And I'd love to actually collect some and try a craft project... Added you to my blogroll (and of course would be thrilled if you added my site too.)

Blue Muse said...

I absolutely love driftwood -- and the way you romantically described it is so lovely -- "Flotsam...Jetsam...lonely, saltwashed pieces of driftwood

Gnarled...forgotten...beaten by constant waves."

YUM! I'll take everything in the first photo, please. :)
xo isa

Ms. Tee said...

I love all the shades of grey in the driftwood & the lamp is great!

Unknown said...

I'm with you...I think those pieces are beautiful and would certainly like to interview for the job of beach-combing. :)

Happy New Year from Texas!!!

karlene said...

I really like the glass shelves and the round chandelier. Such creativity!!

sandra/tx said...

Those are really cool pieces, Linda. I especially love the lamp and chandeliers.

anneliese said...

purrrrrrrrrr..... must. have. it. all. you have exquisite taste, dahling.

sealaura said...

Very interesting as a beach lover I had neglected driftwood. It is indeed so beautiful and it does seem to evoke peaceful, serene living.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled I have discovered your blog - what a great collection of beautiful and inspiring things! As a new blogger I can't believe all the great stuff I've been missing out on! I see you're a fellow Floridian...so be sure and enter my giveaway for tropical style notecards at myflipflopz.blogspot.com. I'll look forward to many more gorgeous posts!

Visual Vamp said...

The furniture looks interesting but not too comfy ha ha.
But the lamps and mirrors and other accents are easy on the eyes (and the rest of the body ha ha) for sure!
xo xo

anita said...

nothing says "ahhhhhhhh...." like driftwood in any shape or form...

love that its repurposed!

a quiet life said...

so many things i feel i need now... starting with a beach house and endless driftwood!

Ivy Lane said...

Just Bleutiful!

vicki archer said...

So innovative and clever to work with driftwood, xv.

somepinkflowers said...

you make me want to go outside
walk the nearby beach....


...but it is freeeeezing
in this wee, northern florida town.

who knew?

the snowbirds came south
this month
and brought the cold

these bits here
are such pleasing sculpture
but i do wonder how they would feel
against a sunburnt shoulder,
if you know what i mean...

all in all,
a collection like a visit here
to the museo!

{{ wait
is that a white towel
wrapped around the back
of that one piece?
yes, stolen from a hotel in Miami,
if i am not mistaken!!!!
how green can you get! }}

Joyce said...

Linda how is the camera coming along?

Susan (Between Naps On The Porch.net) said...

This takes me back to Artie's driftwood lamp...very interesting and creative! Susan

Malik Imran Awan said...










Valley Girl said...

I LOVE bringing things from nature into the house, it makes me feel more connected to my life! Great finds!

Anonymous said...

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