Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pancha Tantra…and wool slippers...

As we pretended to be snowed in

albeit it WAS cold…we continue to wear our flannel Jammies we got for Christmas…and wool slippers

such decadence in Florida

we played monopoly

not just any monopoly…but electronic banking monopoly…whole new world.

forget 200 clams when you pass go…how about 2mil?

I…perused…a fave gift


Walton Ford’s Paintings in a Taschen Book

a HUGE taschen book called Pancha tantra...



His paintings are often life size

and full of the animal world like you have never seen…provocative

often with scribbled field notes around the edges…


Tantalizing and disturbing

What better combination…while donned in flannel pj’s sipping warm cocoa?

Enjoy your after festivities time…


Joyce said...

the detail in his paintings are amazing! Enjoy your pj and hot cocoa day! xo

Kathysue said...

Linda, it seems you and I are enjoying our jammies in the after math of christmas!! Did you see my post the day after Christmas, I think you will be able to relate. Enjoy your games, cocoa and jammies,Kathysue

Debby said...

My kind of day.......rest, jammies, hot chocolate and the like. Enjoy.

donna baker said...

I'm glad I saw your post today. I have been wondering around these last few days thinking, "What now?" Now, I don't feel so guilty.

Melissa said...

Sounds like the perfect way to wind down after all the festivities! I just cleaned house. Goober still isn't here so I guess I have to keep cleaning; good thing there's no shortage of projects around here! :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Melissa...just imagine what a clean and organized house Goober will come home to!

Joyce...His paintings are just fantastical! Would love a real onein my home!

Kathysue...Oh yeah...BIG time Jammie time!

Debby and Donna....Relax, refill cocoa...rinse...repeat.


Deborah said...

Oh Linda, thank you SO much for introducing me to Walton Ford!!! Definitely will be my new obsession. Wonderful! Love love love the new header. **kisses** Deb

anita said...

o MY!!...will do some further investigations.soon i WILL be "out the house"...for now, the cold temps have me happily warming at home :)

this is my UNDISPUTED favorite time of year!!! from now thru new years..its my ahhhhh time :)

for the love of a house said...

What amazing paintings! So colorful and full of life.
Stay warm;)


Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow...so rich and colorful. We went for a winter wonderland walk today. Yours sounds pretty wonderful:)


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