Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Morning Sunshines…

…And a Happy New Year!

First order of the new year…




Nothing like starting off a new year/new day with a cuppa Joe…

Lately, we love our Keurig…even though we need to give it a good vinegar cleaning


no….just broadcasting my likes…no affiliation with Keurig…donut shop coffee…my fave…or Dean and Deluca. love that mug. Do you do that? Need a specific mug for specific days?

Just happen to love ‘em all on this new day of a New Year….

sooo. I share.


And in a complete baring of the soul this New Years

Here is our pantry…in all of it’s unkempt glory.

Uh, yeah...did I just open up our closets and take pix? Yep.

But I love this...Made several years ago from an inefficient way too deep pantry closet.

We added plugs lots... a drawer bank for cans and boxes and a small counter…now it's a coffee/microwave bar…

When we close the door, ~ta daaa~ it is all gone.


I think that may be my theme for this new year…

'Close the door…and Ta daaaa.'

yep. I like it.

Happy New Day of A New Decade!!


sealaura said...

Happy New Year dear Linda! I do have to use "special" cups and glasses for certain drinks. I am currently craving a big white cup for my java. Oh and DEan and Deluca I could move in there, such a great store. The 'nilla wafers send their love and BTW whenever I open my pantry they think it is time for their 3:00pm T-R-E-A-T time, so I try to stay out of mine or else they are on my case!

An Urban Cottage said...

I, too, have different mugs for different days. Plaid mugs for rainy and pessimistic days, sunflower and apple mugs for sunny and optimistic days. Here's to putting the plaid mugs on the back shelf!

Anonymous said...

My hubby loves the Keurig more than I do...I am a Dunkin Donuts kinda gal, and yes I hear you about the vinegar....

Happy New Year,
Kathy :)

ps LOVE your theme :)

ChiTown Girl said...

LOVE the pantry makeover!! I, I mean Santa, just got me a Keurig for Christmas, and I've been loving the hell out of it!!!

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

Happy New Year Linda!

I have worn out one of the Keurig coffee makers. I love it! It is way easy to make a cup of coffee... and I love that. Since it stopped worked I am back to my french coffee press. I love the coffee from a french press, but, i hate the clean up on them. And yep, I am picking about what I drink coffee out of. I don't have have mugs for different days but I do have certain ones that I use. And I HATE matching mugs.:)

I wish my pantry had a little counter in it to keep a coffee pot in there and off my counter. I don't have a very big house, but I do have a walk in pantry and I wouldn't change that. I love my pantry. Like yours, I can shut the door and hide the chaos. It needs a good reorganizing right now. (soon, maybe):)

Wishing you a wonderful day, week and New Year's!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I KNOW! How did my pantry get so out of control in just a few short December weeks??? Too much baking, I suppose. Tidy the pantry is first on the list for next week. Sigh. I'd really rather be baking!

Happy New Year to YOU!!

Sahildeki Ev said...

Oh I definitely couple cups of coffee after last night's dinner. I wish a a great and happy year..

Sniff said...

Happy new year to you too!

I'm doing my best to resist buying a coffee machine. I usually don't drink that much coffee, and I fear I would be downing espressos all day if I give in to the temptation of buying something which will make it so easy to just make a cup. As for mugs, I do have a couple of funny Mumin mugs that my sister has given me as presents, and I use them every time I drink something hot.

Laura said...

What a treat-
I found your blog this afternoon, and I am still smiling about your
Ta Daaa theme idea for 2011.
I agree-
Just close the closet door!

White Spray Paint

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh I'm coveting your coffee thingy. My folks have one. I think I would drink way too much throughout the day if it was that easy peasy. Love the pantry. Now you have me wanting to add plugin's:) Hope you had a great first day of this fabulous new year!

anita said...

happy first and favorite day of one!

yes, i have my clean white starbucks mug with "renew" on it (even though i couldnt order a sb to save my life correctly) and we always wear white shirts and go beach bumming the first (did i mention favorite?) day of year :)

heres to a happy 2011!

kj said...

hahaha linda: when is a door not a door?

answer: when it's ajar :)

close the door and begin. great theme for a new year. yup. that sounds just perfect.

p.s. thanks ♥

Jane said...

Happy New Year!
I love my Keurig, too!!! Santa was sweet and FINALLY read my list from 4 years ago...Thanks Santa! Now, I need to test all the available coffees, to learn which ones I like. (It's a tough job, but as they say...someone's gotta do it!)

Love the coffee bar/pantry. I'm still trying to figure out a place for one in my galley kitchen...with no space. I'm thinking of closing in the desk area...which nobody uses. I already keep the coffee maker there...

Melissa said...

Happy New Year!! I like the "close the door and tada" approach to things. I use it a LOT in my own house!

(PS. Nope. Still no Goober!)

HWIT BLOGG said...

Lovely blog and lovely pictures!!!
Best wishes from a snowy Sweden and T

rjerdee said...

O, geez...I was going in the opposite direction! Opening up my closets and shifting the goods around, removing extras, and getting rid of them. Like the top shelf in my refrigerator this morning--it was full of leftovers from my guests' favorites--milk, diest and not-so-diet sodas, beer, choc-vine, champagne, pomegranate and orange juices. The shelf underneath them was gooey. So for a big dose of happiness, I cleared the deck and put in new stuff--ready for my next set of guests. Makes me feel better :)

Stephanie said...

I actually thought I might tackle CLEANING some of my closets and cabinets...

but hey

I'm liking this idea...just close the door again :)

happy happy new year!

Wahzat Gayle said...

It has been so long since i visited and I see I missed much delights. Hope your Christmas was Merry and family fun filled and wishing you a very Happy New Year may 2011 be filled with all the delights that you dream of

Wahzat Gayle said...

By the way I have a morning cup and an afternoon cup and I dear not mix up the two ... it would taste wrong LOL
(I'm a tea drinker by the way! :)

Renae Moore said...

Tada! I love that! Great pantry closet and I'm lovin' your Keurig! I wants one too! Been thinking about it, I'm the only java slurper in this house....and I can always use a treat!
Happy New Year Linda!

Marjorie Savill Linthwaite said...

Linda, I wish you all the best with all your decorating ideas in the next decade and beyond. Yes my indulgence is mocha coffee which is the ideal start for facing each day - Marjorie

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Okay Linda, pour me a cup of coffee, tell me about your holiday and I'll organize your pantry...cause I'm sick that way!

Scrolling the laundry room and your doggie in his Santa hat!


Kristin Lea said...

your house is so festive! I love it, i love the pantry and I am not a coffee fan, but I have heard great things about that coffee maker.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hi Laura!
A Pantry! What a great and usable thing to give yourself for the new year! Here's wishing you the best in 2011! Keep those tropical posts coming! Maryanne xo

Blue Muse said...

I'm coming to your house for morning coffee! I'll leave my favorite mug there for when I pop by. :)

I love your close the door mantra.
I've missed you!

Happy New Year, sister-friend!
xo Isa

Ry @ Sotto Il Monte Vineyards said...

Happy New Year Linda! Your posts always make me smile. I've not had a coffee maker in years, but I think it might be time to spring for one.

Lila said...

Funny! My pantry is way worse than yours. I have to have a super huge Christmas mug on stressful days. That way it's a never-ending well of comfort!
Lila Ferraro

Cobalt Violet said...

I love your pantry! Mine is actually a cupboard really but I pretend it's a pantry and in a parallel universe I can actually walk into it. ;)

Now ... I really need a coffee.

Karen Deborah said...

Whoo Santa came to your house! I love coffee black and strong and preferably French Roast. I had a cup of this Keurig coffee the other day at the end of a medical appointment. It was so easy and the coffee was good. I love your ideas as well especailly the tadadada.... yeah does that one work for fat fannies?

somepinkflowers said...

happy new year, missy!


you can come look in my closets
of the week
but your mini-coffee bar
is The Best Idea!

{{ love
the children's art hanging nearby }}

Arabella said...

Happy New year! Your pantry is gorgeous...seriously, it looks functional, full & practical...everything that mine is not! LOL!

I've got to go get some more coffee now and shut the pantry door on the way ;o)

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Happy New Year!

I cannot wait until I am no longer pregnant and I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee (and drink or two!!) = )

La Petite Gallery said...

That's what I am doing this week, cleaning closets. Best wishes for a Happy New Year,


My Castle in Spain said...

Happy New Year to you dear Linda and here's to many sunny mornings with great coffee in the proper mug !
yes, me too, i'm one of those who like to drink my tea in a special cup to start the day right...

A Perfect Gray said...

linda, thanks so much for your kind comment. I really appreciate your taking the time to write me...

I am so glad to be back visiting your blog! and I do look forward to getting back at it - I miss everyone so!

happy new year and thanks again! love, donna

Deborah said...

'Close the door…and Ta daaaa.' Yep, I'm lovin' it! Happy New Year, my friend, Happy New Year indeed!
♥♥♥ Deb


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