Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday morning constitutional…

Waking up early…eyes in hand…Big Black dog leading the way through the untamed backyard vegetation

untamed/un-manicured. That is our motto. Kids,Dogs, yards, homes...the WHOLE kaboodle.


first stop: Taste water lily’s


check squirrel insurgents


make sure favorite laying down spot is still there yep…he is in there.




weed a little...


hide a bone. Get tangled in hose. sigh


...taste a little more.



Yard manager.

Have one?

...need one?

going cheap


An Urban Cottage said...

Those are some pretty important responsibilities. I say that one's a keeper.

somepinkflowers said...

smart pooch!


we should ALL
our day
by doing this

Taste water lilies.

Meine Dinge Franka said...

I have one!!!

What a lovely walk!
Made me smile!!!

♥ Franka

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

...Can I bring him over to manage your estate? Please.

Renée Finberg said...

the house looks so lush.

the cool weather is ALMOST here and
you can get out there and enjoy this yard.

Lisa Porter said...

I like it when our dogs take US for a walk ! What a nice and easy life....good thing he reminds you to keep it that way. When you're happy, he's happy!
I don't know if I've ever noticed how sweet his little white tipped paws are!
Oh to have such a lush enclave!
xo Lisa

Desert Dreaming said...

What a way to start a beautiful Sunday morning. I did the same thing this morning, just took a walk around the back yard and enjoyed this COOL weather, 61 degrees here on Pinellas Gulf Coast. Hope it's cooler where you are as well. Though, I was following three "little" fur-babies, all going in different directions. Love your beautiful landscaping, what a great place to escape. Hope the rest of your day is just as beautiful!


sealaura said...

what a fun tour guide! I have 2 little lounge lizards of my own and while Norman sunbathes, Newman take care of the security detail. Our favorite activity is letting out the front door and waiting them to run around and come in through the doggy door. Their time is 8 seconds. :)

Unknown said...

I just love your tropical garden. Dogs are so much fun to watch. It's all about the smells. I'll bet your garden smells delicious.

Great post and I love the color of your house through the green!

Kathi said...

Looks like your friend has everything under control. Wish I could come over and visit! Sigh...

somepinkflowers said...

came back
to pet


{{ we have Fall ♥
this week-end
north of you...

is it There yet? }}

Unknown said...

Hey girl,
You yard is so beautiful and so is the yard manager .
I vote for the red vent above the stove. Maybe the shade is what bothers you. I also love your back splash behind your sink. do you have a wolf range with red knobs.

Jennifer said...

Gosh, that made me happy...thank you!

Blue Muse said...

I'm with Jennifer in the happy corner :)
xo isa

Peggy said...

So funny! Our black lab has the same morning regimen: Check the perimeter to make sure no other four legged creatures have infiltrated the perimeter during the night (the most important task), make sure everything is just as they left it the night before, reclaim any territory that was stolen during the night (you know what I mean here). Oh, the life of a dog!

Melissa said...

I have three of them and they are looking for a warmer place for the winter. They're fairly good at eating bugs and every now and then lay an egg where you can find it...

rjerdee said...

Such a sensuous guy!!!

vicki archer said...

Cute pup.....and your garden is so totally wonderful, I would love to wander around there every morning too...xv.

Ryan said...

Just found your blog today. Love it! My wife and I live in the Florida Keys. We look forward to more posts.

Ryan and Melinda

Joyce said...

a beautiful walk through your garden and your guide is adorable too! I love how his paws are dipped in white. xo

Renae Moore said...

Oh I love your 'little' puppy! Great morning stroll! My yard manager is ME! hehe
Enjoy the weekend!

Vix said...

Sure, I'll take the dog. The house/yard comes with, right?

Gorgeous shots/tour, as always. I just got a tropical hit and while I was away and observing I kept thinking, "I'd put Ms L's place up against any of these...."

bedroom chandeliers said...

how funny, i have two guardians already, but yours looks very trust worthy


What is the pay scale......big bowls of food that you eat on the floor??? I'll think about it.


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