Friday, December 28, 2012

Quick escape before 2013 begins…

….Dream with me for a moment

will you?

Let’s pick a quick escape…before the New Year begins….The last of 2012. As it were…


…Maybe to the Auberge du Soleil…in California's wine country



This 30 year old  ‘Inn of the Sun’

shines when it comes to the lovely art of relaxation


Or perhaps you would prefer the Rosewood Hotel

in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


In a city the color of it’s sunsets…




Or off to Aix-en-Provence, France…for a minute

at la Villa Gallici





Where would you toddle off to?



Rick Forrestal said...

Nice selection . . . and to my favorite corners of the world.

#1) You can't really make a bad choice here.

#2) Mexico is the most exciting option, in every category.

Let us know.

Ivy Lane said...

Just got back from the Caribbean...ahhhhh...wish to be there now...the memories are like "gifts" that keep on giving.... gonna hunker down here at home for the winter!

Happy New Year!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I agree Rick....I love Mexico...though France is a close second. Ivy....Dream away on those warm memories,Girl!

VirginiaC said...

France is a destination that I would love to visit soon. Mexico is also on my travel list.
Lovely photos with lots of nice I have more projects to work on thanks to you.

jmac said...

...sigh....I just got back from 6 wks in Italy, backpacking across the country. How I love Italia and its people. Will be sailing to the BVI's in march and I truly love the carribean.
But know what? I actually love it right here in the US of A just as much. With family and puppies closeby!!!

Life's a Beach! said...

Always wanted to visit San Miguel! Love the Mexican culture.

Mimi said...

any of these gorgeous destinations would be absolutely perfect! :D

<3, Mimi

The Visual Vamp said...

You always take us to the best places!
xo xo

islandgal246 said...

Stunning and inviting! One day perhaps!

anita said...

There is always the invigerating Reykjavik!
btw..hello from Iceland!

Cobalt Violet said...

Mexico please!!! It looks nice and warm. I had a great trip but since I was cold the whole time ... I'll go warm. Plus, I love Mexican food ... and margaritas!


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