Saturday, June 15, 2013

Singing in the shower….

You either do
or …you don’t.
BUT…Singing in an outdoor shower
is a whole other proposition altogether.
Jane Coslick’s polky-dot shower here
I feel a song coming on…
Photos from Pinterest


rjerdee said...

That was fun! Nope, I don't...indoors or out. I don't shower~~tubs are my thing. I loved the Jane Coslick shower and pinned it on my polka dot collection :) Thanks and have a great weekend, Linda!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Awww, Really singin' ANYWHERE? Jane is the polka dot bomb!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I'd love to take an outdoor shower!
Though I'm a bubble bath kind of girl.

game man said...

Following you :D

Via Sol

Deborah said...

Oh me LOVES! I'll take the first one please and thank you.

However, I no longer sing in the shower after my near drowning experience while singing in the shower. True story.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Pamela....I have seen outdoor tubs! Deb!!

Cobalt Violet said...

Fun! I love those tiles in the first photo! And the second to the last ... closing my eyes ... imagining that shower! Fantastic. I usually sing Gershwin in the show, by the way.

PK Studios said...

Ha! Just like my sis...LOVE that first shower! Outdoor shower still on the wish list. So trip out..... I was just checking out your favorite blogs and found my sisters (Cobalt Violet) and my neighbors (Polished Pebble). I feel vicariously famous! LOL!!! I also just had a flashback to practicing my French in the shower years ago because no one could here me .... : )

VirginiaC said...

I don't know where you find these lovely photos, but I'm happy that you shared them with us.
I would find all kinds of reasons to have a gazillion showers every day.

Unknown said...

I want to shower in the ALL of them.. thanks for the comment for the polky dot..shower one of a kind for certain

anita said...

Oooh! Love the stone wall with tropicals inside

anita said...

Ooohh! Love the stone wall with tropicals inside!


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