Sunday, June 22, 2014

A simple recipe…

There is a new hobby at our casa.


Not Marlboro light….but bar-b-Q smokin’.

The kind that the whole TOWN smells

The kind that takes all day long.

Tonight….It is smoked salmon.

Oh me oh my.


Made a simple potato dish to go with it…comes from the islands. So say I

Truth be told, I had something similar at a FAB tropical restaurant.

And is E.A.S.Y

Sweet potatoes, potatoes, garlic, scallion and if ya want

Scotch bonnet pepper…..or smoked paprika…if you is chicken like me.


And….It is YUM.


Caribbean Mashers

Peel and cut up 5 yukon gold (or any kind of potatoes) and 2-3  peeled and cut sweet potatoes

add to a pot of cool water with 3 cloves of peeled garlic. Boil till tender.

Add a dash of good quality olive oil or some milk. Mash with potato masher. Mash mash.

Add 3 chopped scallions

…and the heat of choice.

~ Enjoy, Mon ~


An Urban Cottage said...

The potatoes sound great but would like to know more about the smoking. Are you doing it on a grill or do you have a legit smoker? I've always wanted to give it try. I'd be smoking everything in sight.

VirginiaC said...

Don't let the scotch bonnet pepper frighten you...give it a try and put that smoked paprika away!!!!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said... is a legit smoker with both a gas and charcoal bar-B-Q attached. And....yes, everything in site HAS been smoked. including stuffed mushrooms! Any other smoking ideas??

Virginia....more like I just didn't have them. Next time. promise!

rjerdee said...

Goin' for your recipe...I'm into sweet potatoes...scotch bonnet peppers are normal for me :)

Unknown said...

Oh you are so mean! I am reading this before dinner and it looks so so delicious!!

Unknown said...

What time is dinner?

Anonymous said...

Mmm... these look and sound so good. I am all about potatoes and mashed even better.

Blue Muse said...

I will be right over!

Blue Muse said...

I will be right over!


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