Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cottage Loved….a Vero home tour.

I love the champions of old homes and cottages and neighborhoods
believers. fixers. finders.
They walk among us unnoticed. Passionately working. Whispering life back into souls of wood and stucco…
acknowledging history.
Sometimes making a dime. Often not.
I think of the Jane Coslick’s  of our world.
saving Tybee Islands cottages…and their dogs and cats.
Interior designer/preservationist Jane Coslick stands in front of an Isle of Hope home on Bluff Drive that she renovated in the early 1980's. (John Carrington/Savannah Morning News)
But every community has them.
Here, we are lucky to have  many.
Not a lot of old homes. And maybe not so old compared to other places in this beautiful country.
But In this little town, like many, we have some enclaves of old fogey and tenderly loved homes.
And thankfully… many keepers of their flames.
Like many communities…homes like the cottage above would just assume be razed. And built new.
But take a peek into the old beautiful soul….that may have been lost…
Yes it was pouring cats and dogs (so the pictures are darker…can we say cozier :) )….and the
 sound of the rain
on the metal roof was lulling…symphonic.
These old metal roofed gals SING in the rain.
Peeking inside original wavy glass windows into this cozy home was compelling on this rainy day
and…YES…I was invited.
Join me.
This beautiful aged relic was recently bought…like a week ago…and loved…by a local home lover, Cindy.
Original Dade county pine floors…scuffed from years of life. Newly shined with love.
filled with beautiful art and furnishings.
I can just feel the old gal sighing a happy sigh.
A vintage textile on a lampshade…gorgeous vintage tropical prints in faux bamboo frames
a nod to its history. Early Florida. In it’s hey Day.
Cindy…the new caretaker, has decorated it beautifully… all of it’s three bedrooms
and one bath.
a new barn-type sliding door has been added to the bathroom/laundry room.
Painted Robins egg blue, the old gal is
kicking up her heels a tad.
The kitchen is lovely…wood counters…cork floors…built in’s and shelves
Three beautiful and cozy bedrooms are housed in the back area of the cottage
One…maybe my favorite…exposed to the rafters
This cottage lives big…tall ceilings…wood detail.
And even a small “guest house/studio” in the back.
Just waiting for life to be breathed into it.
Cannot wait to see what it becomes!
Tipping my hat to the saver and lover of the oldies
y’all know who you are.


Cindy O said...

I just love following you Linda! Your photos are stunning and capture the energy and feel of the homes you feature. Thank you for this beautiful photo shoot of my new little cottage!!

Deborah said...

Oh my, she IS lovely! And so are your photos, Linda. I love the open doors just peeking into the room...what a good eye you have.
**blows kisses** Deb

vintage girl at heart said...

love love love. vero is one of the places i've been lucky enough to live. miss it.
thanks for sharing this lovely home.

Ivy Lane said...

I am happy to see this post. They sure don't build 'em like they used to! BRAVO to reno vs razing!

Happy Tuesday!

Debby said...

Just love these cottages. So glad that they are being loved again.

VirginiaC said...

Another lovely house tour...thank you Linda for taking us along with you.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Awww. Thanks guys! Here is my fave part....one beautiful breathing of new life into an old antique...begets the next...and the next. SOO many beautiful cottages/small homes in this humble "historical" area are showing pride of ownership...Just lovely!!

AndeM1 said...

Just beautiful.....

Jenille Cristy said...

What a beautiful interior Linda. Who wouldn't want to live in that house.

<3 <3 <3 Holiday Bays

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! love everything about it! And your photos are stunning as usual!

Anonymous said...

This is such a lovely post. This cottage is so ecclecti yet it works beautifully!

tammy j said...

good lord.
be still my heart!
every bit enchanting.
and your photos perfectly captured its warmth.
i love a rainy day. and the gorgeous old lady was looking her best!
always... thank you!

Unknown said...

HURRAH HURRAH Another beautiful unique piece of history lovingly restored.It is wonderful. Your photos are great. Thank you for sharing this great example of vintage Flordia.

Unknown said...

HURRAH HURRAH Another beautiful unique piece of history lovingly restored.It is wonderful. Your photos are great. Thank you for sharing this great example of vintage Flordia.


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