Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mark the date….2015!

I happen to have a love

for all things


hey it’s a new year….no?

I like to know where I am going…where I have been. And I prefer it on a wall

to a phone.

One that I have….and a couple that I want

you may too…

Linnea makes a beautiful artful calendar that I have been using, and gifting, for years


It fits in an art frame….and it is always fun to see what month comes next


except when I forget to change it

for, oh, maybe a month…

Next….is an I want.

a phases of the MOON calendar.

Beautiful in it’s copper screen print on soft paper.


Ain’t she purrrrrty?

Find this lunar baby right here at etsy

And for you kinestheites…..you know who you are

the touchers…the feelers…

A calendar of bubble wrap.


at 40 inches it is long…so find a perfect wall, and pop the days away.

at uncommon goods

Go….get thee a calendar.

if ya want.

no forcing, it’s 2015.

1 comment:

Cobalt Violet said...

That's fun! Love the bubble wrap calendar. Seems satisfying! I was filling out paperwork yesterday at the doctors office and wrote 2014 twice before I realized I was in the wrong year!

Hope ou are off to a grand 2015. :)


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