Monday, June 29, 2015

They say....

That the salt in the ocean
is from the tears
of all the misunderstood sharks....
who just wanted to cuddle.
My peaceful early morning walk was interrupted this morning

By a lone fisherman....and the bringing in of a
He was strong, albeit young.

 And could certainly do damage
with his razor sharp teeth and thrashing fighting body
 I did not like watching this fight
yet I watched.
Not so quietly rooting for the shark
and admiring his strong and elegant beauty.

 He was saved. And pulled back in his ocean
Thrashing wildly
 then stealthily moving towards the sun rise
 While the quieter creatures.....continued to do their thing.
he, too, was saved
 I came home to a new appreciation of the
 gifts from the sea

Peace out.


donna baker said...

Glad it was saved. The same thing happened at my daughter and grand kids beach vacation last week. Only the two guys hauled it upon the beach and began to kill it before they hurried off. My little 6 year old grandson was very upset they would kill it. Can you even imagine how often it happens?

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

No.Donna, how sad for your little 6 year old!...This fisherman and the guy that came running to help were very empathetic, and most careful to get it back in. While I didn't like the whole idea...I had a newfound appreciation for how they fish.

tammy j said...

i used to fish.
my husband enjoyed it. we would always release them back to the water.
one day i reeled mine in... and on the end of the hook...
a little perch had caught the sharp hook right in its eye.
bob took it off gently and nestled it slowly back into the water. it swam away.
but i never fished again after that. i just couldn't bring myself to do it.
a fish hook in the eye. it just seemed horrendous to me. and to think i caused it.
and that was years ago. maybe i'm too sensitive. but harm to any animal does that to me.
i'm glad your experience here had a happy ending.
they are such magnificent creatures.

Ry @ Sotto Il Monte Vineyards said...

Beautiful photos Linda. Love the vignette with the hats and one of my favorite reads - Atlas Shrugged.....

cindy hattersley design said...

Wow fascinating and beautiful photography. I love the way you displayed your beach hats. I haven't been to florida in years but my sister is having a home built in new smyrna beach so I anxious to check it out again!!

rjerdee said...

Wow, fast and furious camera work, Linda! And such a gorgeous morning on the Atlantic!

michele@Portlandia Vintage said...

So sad to see sharks fished. We need sharks for a healthy ocean ecosystem but they are still so misunderstood.


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