Monday, April 4, 2016

The artist at home series : 'Keep the evil spirit away' blue... Lou Mullan

It is always a fun privilege 
getting a peek into the home of an artist 
cerreus cactus at full moon
This place  that helps them create,
 this refuge that feeds their work. 
where experiments with color and mishaps are concurrent.
where life and art intermingle.

 Some artist's homes are modest.. Some are amazingly pristine and carefully ordered with drawing spaces, painting galleries, and meditation zones. 
Some are a study of chaos, 
but in all of them... the artists are inspired to beautifully create. 
and so....we continue in the series...
Join me.

Enter Local artist Lou Mullan. 
currently working on her website

Beloved former art teacher, Creator, Dancer, Soul of a Gypsy
Color Whisperer. People Gatherer.

upon stepping up to her 'keep the evil spirits away blue' cottage
a particularly striking shade
you are met by a totem of gathered faces
created, in part, by those of us at one of her parties
given a handful of clay...we created faces as we talked....ate...drank.
People gatherer.

Inside her abode is a kaleidoscope of color 
with art mostly hers on the walls
jewel colored glass languidly dangling in front of kitchen windows
walls of art books

 Everything is a depicted by the back of the vintage
dining room hutch. 

Now hidden. But the entire back is  alight with this painting
grapefruit groves at sunrise

looking can see the swirls of color behind the Asian relic

cookie jars collected for decades line her kitchen...and to be fair...the wine and liquor bottles
were from another fun people gathering this weekend.

The bathroom even houses favorite art
and gatherings....
this of collected shells....with faces. 
A seashell party

if she had a spirit animal...It would probably be the crow
prominent in her work
almost human in their expression

Art and books...align the new reading room
once her the process of moving

family heirloom maps of their old stomping grounds
in upstate NY awaiting their chance to fill the walls...
 Her studio now in the updated garage
often filled with the children of her students...her grandchildren...
the legacy continues

young talent Drew

Outside Lou's home and studio is the beautiful and natural tangle of what is old Florida
fern pathways walking away from the provocative blue

seemingly adopting the color

The mingling of art and home...
Design has to work.
Art does not.

...Thank You Lou.
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VirginiaC said...

I love when you "invade" these lovely homes and share them with us...thanks.

Rick Forrestal said...

I love all this art so much.
So much talent there.
Thanks for sharing.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Virginia...Home invader.....Ha! Perfect job title. Are they paying for those these days?

Thanks much talent indeed!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Virginia...Home invader.....Ha! Perfect job title. Are they paying for those these days?

Thanks much talent indeed!

donna baker said...

Loved that guided tour.

tammy j said...

you've started my day with a huge smile. she's wonderful!
now going to keep smiling...
following all the links in this series that i've missed.
yup. a skilled invader you are!
thank you!

Unknown said...

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