Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A magazine??? Really???

Ok…so let’s pretend you are a 13 year old that has been playin’ little league since you were 7…even on the all stars

Then one day a couple of NY Yankees come over…and ask if you wanna play catch.

Or…as I couched it to the husband…Bill Gates pops over to show you his new stuff…

AND asks your opinion.

Ok…not my dream world…but trying to get the point across to my ever loving family.

So Today…Three of the most fab, professional photog’s and Magazine stylists were over at this humble casa.

Playin’ catch

With ME.


Me….for heaven’s sake.

well…not so much me..but the abode…or parts of it.

Really?? This abode?


And I ate up every styling, photo propping and shooting

minute of it!

with a spoon I tell ya.

It was amazing and eye opening to watch these three in action.

What eyes…what talent


My kidlets…and the husband were way over it two days ago when I announced that

all showers…tooth brushing and whatever else goes on in the bathroom

has to stop.

yep. hold it folks.

Go to grandmas…go to the local campgrounds...

it just ain’t happening in this bathroom. Nope. Not till we get the shot.

Good grief people. priorities!


ok…so I might of been a tad over-dramatic…they’ll survive.

And the props….Oh what a ball…cherries, pomegranatesTropical fruit and flora… enameled cast iron cookware, orchids…spa towels...


And two words…


Lens envy.

More Tomorrow…as they shoot the kitchen.

Whaaa?? Our kitchen??

Pinch me...

or don’t.


Plum tuckered out…and he barely lifted a paw to help.

Bozo. Not so much the photographers assistant.


LindsB said...

Wow, that is so awesome, CONGRATS!!! I cant wait to see the finished photos, I bet they are aH-mazing!

Melissa said...

FUN! I can't wait to see the pictures and more of your behind-the-scenes details!

And I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of that certain someone lounging on the couch. Ha!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ooh, what fun!! Do let us know when they are published!!

Drawn to The Sea said...

We all get to be flies on the wall... what fun! I'm guessing they're as inspired by your home as you are by their presence. Coincidence: my childhood pup was named Bozo :-)


Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies said...

I have lens envy as well. I love your blog!

abby jenkins said...

That's what I do 'at work' as a prop stylist for TV shows, magazines, cookbooks...sure is fun - when you are not feeling like a sherpa.

Can't wait to see the finished product!


anita said...

your TOO MUCH FUN :)

laura @ so alaurable said...

So fun! Can't wait for you to share the finished product!

donna baker said...

Too much fun and excitement! You can rest up when they are gone.

cotedetexas said...



Sharon said...

hey, can't wait to see the results of all this styling, with props and all. With your already amazing casa, am sure they'll be gorgeous!

vicki archer said...

Love to see the shots Linda....I can imagine they are going to be fanatastic. Where will they featured? xv

Anette Willemine said...

Hi from Norway!
I'm at you site for the first time. What a lovely house you've got! You have an inspiring blog, and I would love to follow you from now.
So fun that your house will be in a magazine! I look forward to see the final pictures! Wish you luck!
Have a beautiful day!
Anette Willemine xx

Fargerike Dagny said...

OHLALA!!! Well deserved, CAN'T WAIT to see the finished results!!!

Simple Daisy said...

Wow....that is sooo awesome!! Keep us posted!!!

Tara Dillard said...


Love how you're including the process on your blog.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Renae Moore said...

Yay, Yay, Yay!!! I can't wait to see!

Joyce said...

Congrats Linda!! I'm so happy for you! What magazine? Tell more please. I love how you compared to baseball and the photo assistant- too cute. xoxo

~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

SO EXCITING!!!!!! I can't wait to buy my own copy of whatever it is!!!!! Congratulations, Linda - that's awesome. xo

Miss Vero said...

sendin' you congratulations, Hunney!
and... MWAH!

Blog de Artesanato da Vila do Artesão said...

O just can say:

Real Kimsy said...

Excellent! What a dream! (or a nightmare... sounds like you have the same "maid" I do...) (you don't!) Enjoy it!!!!!!!! Maybe a launch pad!

Real Kimsy said...

Wait! When and where can we see your photos? Published, that is... ! (of course they'll be in your blog, n'est ce pas?

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Can't wait to learn more..., where, when..., you know, all the details!

Black Zebra said...

Life of some hey, life of some.....

Karen @ Mignardise said...

Way cool! That's like a dream come true.
Let us know when and where!

DesignTies said...

Thats' way too freakin' cool!!!!

I hope your family has big bladders!!! ;-)

Have fun with the kitchen shoot -- I suppose that means lots of restaurant meals in the near future?? ;-)

Whew, it's good to know I'm not the only one who wants to kiss my backsplash tiles :-D


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, wow! That is so exciting! I can't wait to see how the pics turn out. Congrats, Linda! You and your house deserve all the attention. :)

Lorrie said...

Are you not just in seventh heaven...I can't wait to see all the photos...yes...I'm having lens envy as well!

sealaura said...

how exciting! I've always thought your hacienda looks like something straight out of a magazine. congratulations and I can't wait to read about part deux.

susan said...

I can hardly wait to see! Congratulations--and you are smart to get the family out--if you can!

SarahWhite said...

One word...four letters.


:) Congrats...I'm seriously excited for you!

Farmgirl Paints said...

That is amazing!! SOOO excited for you:) Can't wait to see the end result.

for the love of a house said...

OMG,OMG,OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you I could POP!!! (I've had major 'puter problems and haven't been able to get to you for days... and I stop by and you're in a magazine!!! It's hard to type as I'm jumping up and down at the present moment!!:)
This is so fabulous and so exciting, and of course the family can use other facilities because that is just NOT important anymore!!! Magazine photos are!!
Congratulations Linda!! WooHoo!!!
p.s. I think Bo is doing a fabulous job of supervising!!! Love that boy!

SeaWorthy said...

Abso-frickin-looooootlyyyy..The best home to choose for a shoot!

can I say I knew you when??????

congratulations, hot stuff:)

Deborah said...

OH HOW FABULOUS!!! Love your house, love your dog! YIPPEEE for you! **blows kisses** Deb

prashant said...

We all get to be flies on the wall... what fun!

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Linda Lou said...

How cool for you and your amazing house Linda - very exciting, and please let us when we can see your abode in print---by the way---where are the pictures of the madam of the house----YOU!!!

prashant said...

I'm guessing they're as inspired by your home as you are by their presence

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Nishant said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of that certain someone lounging on the couc

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prashant said...

I'm guessing they're as inspired by your home as you are by their presence

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Michelle said...

oh my goooooooooodness how wonderful for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daisy Cottage said...



And you AND your home are so deserving!!!

Can't wait to get my copy!

Congratulations Linda!!!


Unknown said...
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