Friday, May 13, 2011

Take two….S’pose you found a pair of chairs…Arrrgh blogger is making me NUTS!

And they were similar {ish} to Milo Baughman


...and even in this vanilla colored velvet below


Would you cover them in a bright fun color...notice the swatches in the first pic

a la Sally Wheat as Joni of Cote de Texas showed us




give me your thoughts…if you’d please…

Ps…said chairs were a whole 7 clams each.



Anonymous said...

Love the bargain!!! What a find! I would recover them in a big bright FUN pattern myself. Yay for you!


Renae Moore said...

I KNOW I left a comment on this...yep Blogger is being a pain.

I like the fabric swatch on the far left, I know it would be great with Mr. BIG BUTT!!!

Can't wait to see what you do!

Happy weekend!


Unknown said...

Hold on.. if you are not in a hurry . I am headed in your direction.. they all good ....

Unknown said...

PS...ARE ...all good.. left out "are".

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

I was just thinking of you THIS morning, Jane!

I know Renae...I never got to open or see anyones comments...Thanks for giving me your opinion!!


Melissa said...

Dang! Another fabulous deal!! I love the idea of the patterns, and I totally dig that red swatch, second from the right! But I have no doubt that whatever you pick will look awesome.

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Blogger has been a pain in the ass! Have you been loosing comments too?

This is one of those chairs that looks equally good in solids and patterns. So for a mere 7 clam investment, I would do whatever your heart desires, knowing that it can have another life down the road!

SarahWhite said...

No way!
You lie!
I die!
:) :) :)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Yep Sal gal...7 count 'em 7 clams.

I originally saw them for 20 bucks and they were having a 25 percent off sale. But it was after a long day...and I couldn't fit them in my car ( so I said if they are there next week then it was meant to be)

Well fast forward TWO weeks...because I completely forgot about them... NOW they are marked down to 11 clams each. PLUS an addition 25 percent off. Less than a starbucks coffee!!

I shoved them in the car....and here they be.

Funny eh?

A.J.Barnes said...

Gotta go bright I think!
And I'm so over Blogger!

welltraveled said...

Go for it...Make them blend with the orange baby you did that every one LOVED

SarahWhite said...

Great story Linda...I'm always amazed at what is passed by. And so many people probably looked at them and thought..."what awful chairs!" I didn't chime in on what I thought you should do with them...although I adore the white with the Medic pillow...for you...always LOVE a bright contrast. Something Big Black (dog) would look good sitting in front of.

Kelley said...

Any of your choices will look great on those cool chairs!

What a score... 7 bucks? Really?



7 flipping dollars???? AYKM? Steal. I am partial to the white but I am frozen to make decisions now that I am blogging. So scared I will see something the next day and want to change. Pillows are easier to swap out. Just saying.....that's me.

Stephanie said...

I can't believe the fab things you FIND at such a BARGAIN!

these chairs rock

Vix said...

Arrrgh, I don't KNOW!

I love the idea of big bold color -- with or without pattern. I love the idea of barely textured neutral solids. And I love the idea of subtle tone-on-tone color/pattern.

Where are these going and with what will they be co-habitating? I think I need (visual) context, baby.

And then of course alot depends on your tolerance for pattern mixing in the same room. Some like the eye to have big old chunks of resting place.

[You may want to check Tricia Guild books for fearless color + pattern in one place.]

Can't wait to see where ya end up.

Leah Moss said...

you must be the best thrifter E.V.E.R! Everytime you show a find I'm floored.

Love the bright fabric ideas


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